New Alexa Feature Allows Kids to Create Animated Bedtime Stories

Amazon launched “Create with Alexa” on Tuesday, an AI-powered feature that enables kids to compose stories with animation and music. Available on Echo Show devices in the US, the tool invokes Alexa to guide children through selecting characters, themes, color schemes and music. The process results in a “five- to 10-line story, told across five unique scenes that are complete with sound and visual effects,” the company said in a news release.

Your child can simply say, “Alexa, make a story” to start, and AI begins to generate the story, landscape and sound. Alexa is described as a co-creator, and kids are walked through the process of choosing a theme such as “enchanted forest” and picking character types and names. They can also select adjectives and facial expressions and final story will play out. Parents and kids can then save their stories to a gallery for future playback.

More to come.

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