Never cold in the eyes on Netflix: what is this series on the trampled hopes of a young skater?

Available from this March 15 on Netflix, the British series “Never cold in the eyes” is an immersion in the world of ice sports and focuses on the difference in treatment between disciplines and genres.

After Spinning Out, a fiction starring Kaya Scodelario canceled after one season, Netflix is ​​back on the ice. Created by the British Kirstie Falkous and John Regier, Never cold in the eyesZero chill in its original version – is a series of 10 episodes – each lasting thirty minutes – on two diametrically opposed ice sports: hockey and figure skating. The story is more particularly interested in the place reserved for girls in a still very masculine universe.

Kayla (Grace Beedie) and Mac (Dakota Benjamin Taylor) MacBentley are brother and sheart. They share one thing in common: the love of ice cream. She is passionate about skating, he is hockey. When the latter, promised a bright future, joined the prestigious school of Hammarström in the United Kingdom, the whole family leaves Canada to put their suitcases on the other side of the Atlantic. This departure imposed on Kayla is a new ordeal for the young woman, who also dreams of participating in the Olympic Games one day.

Female success in sport

Contrary to Spinning Out, a much darker and more dramatic series on the dark side of a high-level sportswoman, Never Cold Eyes is a light program intended above all for a young audience. The tale has its share of subplots about teenage friendships and romantic relationships. Each character develops his story and personal issues, which will capture the attention of young viewers. Far from being an in-depth reflection on the world of sport, Never cold in the eyes is classic entertainment, but not devoid of charm.

The series nevertheless tackles an interesting subject: the difference in treatment between girls and boys in the field of sport. The character of Kayla must sacrifice her career in Canada, considered a simple hobby by those around her, to focus on her brother’s career, which takes up a lot of space. Never cold in the eyes tells the story of a young woman who affirms her passion and her potential by making a place for herself in a world that does not give her a gift. An inspiring story for many teenagers in search of success.

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