Neuilly his mother 2 on France 2: why Jérémy Denisty, alias Charles, disappeared from the screens

Revealed in 2009 in Neuilly his mother then relapsed into anonymity, Jérémy Denisty had an atypical career before returning to Neuilly his mother, his mother. Zoom on the atypical career of this young actor.


Very precocious, Jérémy Denisty developed a passion for the theater at the age of 5. At the age of 7, the future actor attends speech arts and theater classes.

After continuing to develop his talent on the stage, Jérémy tried in 2005 the casting of Our happy days, Eric Toledano and Olivier Nakache. He gets the role of Timoty and crosses paths with Omar Sy, Jean-Paul Rouve and Marilou Berry in this film which will launch his career in cinema.

A year later, the young man, then aged 15, landed the role of the mayor’s son in the comedy Big City, directed by Djamel Bensalah. The latter thinks of Jérémy in 2008 when producing Neuilly sa mère, directed by Gabriel Julien-Laferrière. Jérémy embodies Charles de Chazelle, the role that will make him known to the general public. He plays with earthiness this bourgeois and haughty teenager fan of Sarkozy who gives Samy Seghir a hard time.

Neuilly his mother, his mother: 10 years later, how well do the actors know about the first film?

Jérémy then puts his career on the big screen on hold to study in the USA, at Plymouth High School in Michigan. He also pursued studies in Political Science at theCatholic University of Louvain. We see him in 2012 in the comedy Sea, no sex and sun before his comeback 6 years later in Neuilly his mother, his mother, in which he resumes his role of Charles de Chazelle.

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In parallel with his film career, Jérémy continues his work as marketing manager for Unilever. Fun Fact: to shoot his mother, his mother in Neuilly, the actor had to take his 5 weeks of paid leave. Very happy in his two jobs, the actor intends to juggle between cinema and his work but does not plan to leave his post to devote himself to the seventh art.

Neuilly his mother 2 on france 2: why jérémy denisty, alias charles, disappeared from the screens

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Neuilly, his mother (his mother): from the casting of 2009 to that of 2018

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