Netflix: will this South Korean zombie series be the platform’s future hit? -…

What is “All of Us are Dead”, the South Korean zombie series, to discover now exclusively on Netflix?


While a zombie virus decimates all the students of a high school, a group of students decides to lock themselves in the school grounds to try to survive the epidemic.

All of Us are Dead, created by Chun Sung-il (10 episodes)


A prolific television screenwriter, Chun Sung-il is the creator of several successful series in various genres, ranging from romantic comedy to historical fresco. Adapted from the webtoon Now at our School by Joo Dong-geun (unpublished in France), All of Us are Dead marks the South Korean screenwriter’s first major foray into horror.

The cast of the series is mainly composed of young actors still little known to the general public: Yoon Chan-young, Park Ji-hoo, Cho Yi-hyun or Yoo In-soo. More confirmed actors were also chosen for the role of teachers, such as Bae Hae-sun (Start-Up) or Byeong-cheol Kim, the interpreter of the chemistry teacher responsible for the epidemic.

Netflix: will this south korean zombie series be the platform's future hit? -...


Since the global hit encountered by Squid Game, South Korean series produced by Netflix have experienced unprecedented popularity. After the successes met at the end of last year by Hellbound and The Silent Sea, the SVOD platform today unveils its brand new original series: All of Us are Dead, from the comic by Joo Dong-geun.

Presented as a series of zombies, the ten-episode drama actually falls into the horrifying sub-genre of “infected”: the characters are indeed transformed following the spread of a virus whose origin we know, the word zombie is pronounced repeatedly, and creatures can run and even jump. To know the difference between zombies and infected, (re) immerse yourself in the rules of the genre set up by director George A. Romero.

All of Us are Dead shows originality by situating its action within a campus; Halfway between the horrific show and the series for teens, the drama follows several students who are opposed by everything but whose circumstances will nevertheless bring them together. In short, the series forms the missing link between the film Breakfast Club and the cult novel, Her Majesty of the Flies.

Netflix: will this south korean zombie series be the platform's future hit? -...

Unfortunately, the result did not quite live up to expectations. As a teen series, All of Us are Dead works, thanks in particular to its cast and the alchemy that seems to emerge from this group of talented young actors. Each episode allows us to discover more about the past of the characters, and to understand that the image they send back in the corridors of high school is not necessarily consistent with what they are in reality.

The horrific part of the series, on the other hand, is less successful. Blame it on confusing special effects (contortionist zombies aren’t really scary…), mowed action scenes (grotesque special effects, acceleration of images for a cheap result), and above all on an unsurprising plot (the origin of the virus revealed much too early and reversals of the situation far too agreed). We would almost come to regret that the story scenes with the teenagers are so often interrupted by the arrival of zombies, so much the horrific side of the series ultimately brings little to the general plot.

We do not necessarily have a bad time in front of this series, but we must recognize that we would have liked more surprise and control to let ourselves be completely carried away by this series of zombies which is not really one. Perhaps it is addressed paradoxically more to neophytes of the genre rather than to specialists. To be reserved, however, for an informed public, because of the many gory scenes!

All of Us are Dead, available on Netflix.

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