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AlloCiné tells you which series are coming to Netflix in July.

The unavoidable

July 3: Les Demoiselles du Téléphone, final season

When her main rival uses a prison camp for revenge, Lidia and her friends redouble their audacity in their fight against the Franco regime. Clap end for Les Demoiselles du Téléphone. The Spanish series will bid farewell to this final season which promises to be just as soap and entertaining as the previous ones.

July 31: Umbrella Academy season 2

The series of superheroes made by Netflix is ​​back! In this season 2, Luther and the others go back in time to prevent the Apocalypse. Small problem: the members of the family find themselves dispersed at different times and are chased by three bloodthirsty killers!

The highlights

July 8: Stateless (mini-series)

Four foreigners find themselves trapped in an Australian immigrant detention center. Each character approaches the contradictions of border protection and control from their point of view. This Netflix mini-series brings together a cast of choices ranging from Cate Blanchett to Yvonne Strahovski through Jai Courtney and Dominic West.

July 21: How to sell drugs online (fast) (season 2)

Moritz and the MyDrugs team are finally seeing their businesses flourish, but their growing success is not without danger. If How To Sell Drugs Online has not had the same success as Dark, the other German production of Netflix, it still deserves a look!

July 26: Good Girls season 3

Good Girls, a deliciously enjoyable series about three mothers who have broken up, is back with a season 3 that promises to be … explosive!

The program of the month

All other outings of the month


The Protector season 4


The Twelve


Dark desire


Boca a Boca


Norseman season 3


The vigilantes

Behind bars: The Oasis

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