Netflix: what series to watch this week (October 16 to 22)? – News Series on TV

Netflix: what series to watch this week (October 16 to 22)?  – News Series on TV

Thanks to AlloCiné, discover the series that will be released on Netflix between October 16 and 22.


The revolution : In a revisited version of the French Revolution, the future inventor of the guillotine discovers a disease which pushes the nobles to murder commoners.

Someone must die: In conservative 1950s Spain, the alleged relationship between a young man and a Mexican dancer sparked a scandal with dire consequences.

Star Trek Discovery season 3: This season takes the Discovery crew to where no one has gone before: 930 years into the future. And the Federation has undergone some changes.

Grand Army: Five students from Brooklyn’s largest public high school must contend with a chaotic world as they struggle to succeed, survive, break free, and move forward.

Pup Academy season 2: Back to school at the Academy! But a new threat looms when a plan emerges to destroy the special bond between dogs and humans.


The extraordinary investigations volume 2: Strange disappearances, shocking murders, supernatural phenomena. The legendary documentary series returns with exciting new stories.


You, me, her season 5: Back in Portland, Izzy discovers that things have changed during his absence.

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