Netflix: what series to watch in September 2022?

Netflix what series to watch in September 2022

AlloCiné tells you which series are coming to Netflix in September 2022. Mark your calendars!


September 1: Detox

How can you live without your phone and the Internet? This is what two young women will experience in this new French series entitled Detox. Faced with the toxicity of their relationship to the Internet, Léa and Manon, cousins ​​and roommates, decide to do a digital detox for a month.

30 days to stop being obsessed with your ex for one, 30 days to forget a nasty bad buzz for the other… Easier said than done. Especially when the family gets involved… This comedy signed Marie Jardillier is carried by Manon Azem, Tiphaine Daviot, Osama Kheddam, Charlotte of Turckheim, Zinedine Soualem and Helena Noguerra.

September 16: Destiny – The Winx Saga season 2

The fairies of Destiny: The Winx Saga are back for new magical adventures! This live-action re-reading of the famous animated series recounts the initiatory journey of five fairies attending Alfea, a magical boarding school located in the Other World.

They learn to master their magical powers, while discovering love, but also by facing monsters and creatures that threaten to destroy them.

In Season 2, Bloom struggles to master her powers and must protect Solaria from powerful enemies who may have infiltrated the school. She can count on the help of her friends Stella, Aisha, Terra and Musa but also Flora, who finally arrives in the universe of the Netflix series.


September 9: Cobra Kai season 5

The sequel to The Karate Kid is back. More than three decades after the events of the film, Cobra-Kai follows the daily life of Johnny, who reopens the dojo and rekindles his rivalry with Daniel. The two men will be confronted with the demons of the past and the frustrations of the present.

In season 5, Terry restructures Cobra Kai. For their part, Daniel, Johnny and an old ally join forces to lead a fight that is played out beyond the tatami mats.

September 14: Hartley, Hearts Alive

Reboot of the cult Australian series, Hartley, raw hearts focuses on telling new teenage stories with current issues facing new high school students at Hartley High. Praised for the way she dealt with important and sometimes taboo subjects at the time, Hartley, raw hearts thrilled an entire generation.

The new version, signed Hannah Carroll Chapman, seems to want to offer an even more modern and inclusive voice to the new generation while having a stylized staging like the current teen series. It all starts when a wall charting the secret sex stories of everyone in Hartley is uncovered. Amerie, who is behind it, suffers bitter repercussions.



September 1: Flash season 7 (catalogue)

September 2nd : Devil in Ohio

September 2nd : Fakes

September 2nd : Just an ordinary girl

September 2nd : #Philo Sapere Aude

September 9: Narco Saints

September 14: The Disappeared of Lørenskog

September 14: El Rey, Vicente Fernandez

September 16: Santo

September 16: The Brave Ones

September 21: Rookie Cops

September 21: Laetitia season 1 (catalogue)

September 22: Snabba Cash season 2

September 22: Rescue from the Impossible

September 23: The Girls of the Last Row

September 23: Jamtara season 2

September 23: mom is wrong (catalog)

September 24: Dynasty season 5

September 29: The Empress

September 30: Entergalactic (Netflix Special)

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