Netflix: what series to watch in July 2022?

Netflix: what series to watch in july 2022?

AlloCiné tells you which series are coming to Netflix in July 2022. Mark your calendars!


July 1st: Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 2

After a month of waiting, Stranger Things returns for the final two episodes – 1:25 and 2:19! – from season 4. The groups are separated in different places but they will have to face the same threat: Vecna ​​(Jamie Campbell-Power), the big bad of this chapter of the Duffer brothers’ series.

If the final promises to be epic, it will however be necessary to take out the tissues because deaths are to be expected! Which characters from the series will finally pass away before the fifth and final season?

July 14: Resident Evil

After seven films in the cinema and an animated series, the famous video game franchise created by Capcom is entitled to a live action series adaptation. Resident Evil – The Series is not a continuation of the adventures of Alice, the heroine embodied by Milla Jovovichbut a whole new story, featuring young teenage protagonists, investigating the secrets of the multinational Umbrella Corporation responsible for creating and spreading the terrible T-Virus.

The series is overseen by Andrew Dabbscriptwriter of many episodes of supernatural. Its cast brings together Lance Reddickwell known to fans of TheWire and fringebut also young actors Ella Balinska, Tamara Smart or Siena Agudong.


July 8: Boo, Bitch

After the To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before trilogy, Lana Condor is the heroine of the fantasy comedy Boo, bitch. She plays Erika, a high school girl who wants to create an unforgettable memory of high school with her best friend Gia. But by wanting to change her destiny and upset her peaceful existence, she will literally change her life.

During one night, the young woman dies and becomes… a ghost! Poor Erika will have to manage this new form of existence and understand what happened with the help of her best friend, who can see her and talk to her.

July 8: The night will be long

New Spanish thriller to watch: The night will be long is a series of 6 episodes that promises to be breathtaking. In the psychiatric prison of Monte Baruca, on December 24, a group of armed men surrounded the complex and cut off all communication with the outside world.

Their objective is to capture Simón Lago, a dangerous serial killer, but the prison director refuses to hand him over. They will only have one night to carry out their mission and they must not miss their chance.



2nd of July : My Liberation Notes

July 6: Control Z season 3

July 6: King of Stonks

July 8: captain season 2

The 15th of July : Remarriage and desires

July 13: DB Cooper: where is the hijacker?

July 13: Beyond the pain

July 13: Extraordinary Attorney Woo

July 13: Sintonia season 3

The 14th of July : Kung-Fu Panda – The Dragon Knight

The 15th of July : Farzar

The 15th of July : Mom, Don’t Do That!

The 15th of July : Alba

July 20: Virgin River season 4

July 20: Bad Exorcist season 2

July 21: Jurassic World – The Cretaceous Camp season 5

July 23: Alchemy of Souls

July 26: AG3NDA (DI4RIES)

July 27: The Internet’s Most Hated Man

July 27: rebel season 2

July 28: To breathe

July 29: The Beauty of Jerusalem season 2

July 29: Fanatic

July 29: Uncoupled

July 29: Senshi: Rebel Cheer Squad

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