Netflix: what movies to watch in May 2022? – Cinema news

Netflix: what movies to watch in may 2022? - cinema news

AlloCiné tells you which films are coming to Netflix in May 2022. Mark your calendars!


May 6: Far from the Periph

This sequence of The other side of the ring-road brings together Omar Sy and Laurent Lafitte, who resume their respective roles as cops Ousmane Diakité and François Monge, who find themselves reluctantly ten years later. In Far from the Periphthey investigate a murder in a not so quiet little town.

They find themselves embarked in the Alps for a case of settling scores between drug traffickers. For this sequel, it’s the director Louis Leterrier which succeeds David Charhon. Alongside Omar Sy and Laurent Lafitte, we find in particular Izia Higelin and Dimitri Storoge.

May 13: Senior Year

After Isn’t It Romantic, Rebel Wilson is starring in a new Netflix comedy. In Senior Year, she plays a cheerleader who finds herself in a coma after a failed stunt. When she wakes up, she thinks of picking up her life where she left off and becoming the prom queen.

Except that his awakening takes place twenty years after his accident! But the young woman does not let herself be defeated and intends to return to high school to win the long-awaited title. In this comedy directed by Alex Hardcastle (Love, Victor, Grace and Frankie), we also find Alicia Silverstone (Clueless), Justin Hartley (This Is Us) and Angourie Rice (the new Spider-Man trilogy).


May 6: On the way to the future

After the series maid, Andie MacDowell is starring in a romantic film adapted from a bestseller and written by the screenwriters of To All The Boys I Loved Before on Netflix. In On the way to the futurethe young Auden meets the mysterious Eli, an insomniac like her, the summer before the start of the academic year.

While the residents of the town of Colby are sleeping soundly, the two friends roam its streets. Auden gradually discovers the fulfilling and carefree teenage life she never knew she wanted. The rest of the cast includes Emma Pasarow, Dermot Mulroney, Kate Bosworth and Belmont Cameli.

May 6: Marmaduke

Directed by Mark Dippé and Youngki Lee, Marmaduke is the title of an animated film but also that of its hero, a messy and mischievous dog. Despite his kindness and his enormous heart, the canine does not know how to avoid trouble.

The blunders are linked when he tries to find a place in the upscale world of dog shows. The voice cast includes Pete Davidson, JK Simmons and David Koechner.



May, the 1st : Hatred (catalog)

May, the 1st : The Guardians (catalog)

May, the 1st : Cheetah (catalog)

May, the 1st : The past (catalog)

May, the 1st : Hippocrates (catalog)

May, the 1st : A better life (catalog)

May, the 1st : The Salt of the Earth (catalog)

May, the 1st : Before you (catalog)

May, the 1st : Transformers-The Last Knight (catalog)

May, the 1st : The Millers, a budding family (catalog)

May, the 1st : Our Idiot Brother (catalog)

May, the 1st : Pachamama (catalog)

May, the 1st : Men in Black 3 (catalog)

May, the 1st : Scared (catalog)

May 4: Forty years and surprises

May 6: Thar: The Three Targets

May 9: Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045 Sustainable War

May 11: The Master of Escape

May 18: The Perfect Family

May 18: Tuscany

May 19: A Perfect Match

May 20: F*ck love, always!

May 25: Larva: The Power of the Amulet

May 27: let’s dance (catalog)

May 28: Widows (catalog)

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