Netflix: what movies to watch in August 2022? – Cinema news

Netflix: what movies to watch in august 2022? - cinema news

AlloCiné tells you which films are coming to Netflix in August 2022. Mark your calendars!


August 12: Day Shift

Jamie Foxx comes back in Day-Shift, a biting action film, where his character will do everything for his daughter, even rubbing against very sharp canines. During the day, a normal man cleans the swimming pool in the city of San Fernando. In the evening, it’s a killer who goes hunting for vampires…

He has a week to raise the money to pay for his eight-year-old daughter’s school and braces and he will have to bleed himself. Alongside Jamie Foxx, we find Dave Franco, Oliver Masucci (Dark), Meagan Good and Snoop Dogg !

August 26: Me Time, finally alone?

Me Time, finally alone? is a comedy not to be missed for his duo Kevin Hart and Mark Wahlberg. In this buddy movie, a stay-at-home dad finds himself time for the first time in years. He takes advantage of the absence of his family and his solo days for years to find his friends… very party people.

Without a wife and without children, this man tries to reconnect with his former best friend for a weekend that will turn his life upside down…


August 5: Carter

Notice to fans of Korean films: Carter is not to be missed! In this supercharged thriller, a man wakes up with amnesia in a motel room. He is guided by a mysterious voice from a device placed in his ear which calls him “Carter”.

He will then embark on a dangerous mission to save a kidnapped young girl. Combining action, thriller and science fiction, Carter is worth the detour for its rhythm but also for its staging in a sequence shot.

August 19: 365 Days: The Year After

The third and final installment of the sulphurous erotic franchise 365 always made by Barbara Bialowas and Tomasz Mandes, is a free adaptation of the final book of the trilogy. The public will know how the toxic “love affair” between Laura (Anna-Maria Sieklucka) and Massimo (Michele Morrone) will end.

This Polish franchise was a hit on the platform, even if the half-fascinated, half-disgusted public mainly spoke of shocking, problematic sequences or embarrassing and funny scenes. It remains to be seen whether the last film will make as much talk, especially when the book the couple sinks even more into violence.



August 1: The Mission Impossible franchise of Impossible mission at Mission Impossible – Rogue Nation (catalog)

August 1st : Top Gun (catalog)

August 1st : Walter (catalog)

August 1st : A tall man (catalog)

August 1st : The kids (catalog)

August 1st : Premium Rush (catalog)

August 1st : Dreamgirls (catalog)

August 3: Buba

August 3: Blame it on karma?

August 4: Our day Will Come (catalog)

August 4: Swing (catalog)

August 4: like beasts 2 (catalog)

August 4: Fast & Feel Love

August 4: Wedding Season

August 5: Darlings

August 5: The Fate of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – the movie

August 6: Bigger life

August 10: The songs of the heart

August 12: Little (catalog)

August 12: 13 the musical

August 16: The Mummy (catalog)

August 16: Ouija and Ouija board – the origins (catalog)

August 16: Barbie – Princess Heart (catalog)

August 17: Royalteen

August 17: One life or another

August 20: Fullmetal Alchemist – Scar’s Revenge

August 25: Made in China (catalog)

August 25: That’s Amor

August 26: love between adults

August 26: seoul vibe

August 28: Student services office (catalog)

August 28: An easy girl (catalog)

August 29: under his thumb

August 31: I came by

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