Netflix: what movies and series to watch this week (June 18-24)? – News Series on TV

Thanks to AlloCiné, discover the films and series that will be released on Netflix between June 18 and 24.


ELITE season 4 : Las Encinas welcomes a firm director and four new students who bring their share of mystery, crazy rumors and romantic intrigue.

The Rational Life season 1: Favoring reason over emotions, a thirty-something is torn between two very different men as she fights against injustice at work.

A Family: Enlisted young in the ranks of the yakuza, Kenji swears loyalty to his leader and promises him to respect the traditionalist code of this family despite a changing world.

Jagame Thandhiram: When a skillful and carefree gangster is recruited by a foreign underworld baron to take out a rival, the ensuing moral dilemmas take him by surprise.

Kenshin – The Completion (part 4): When a terrifying foe attacks Tokyo, the looming battle risks exposing some of Kenshin’s best-hidden secrets.

An Unpaired Dad: After the death of his wife, a new father (Kevin Hart) takes the reins of the most difficult job in the world: that of parenting. Inspired by a True Story.


Nevertheless season 1 : She doesn’t believe in love but wants to be in a relationship. Romantic relationships bother him but he likes to seduce. Will they be able to find their happiness?


The Sinner season 3 (catalog): A hidden crime uncovered in upstate New York draws Harry Ambrose into the most dangerous and troubling case of his career.


Good on Paper: A comedian and actress in the making falls under the spell of a young financial executive who seems to have it all. But is he really that perfect?

La Casa de las Flores – the Movie: The De La Mora children concoct a formidable plan to break into their old family home and recover a most important hidden treasure.

Murders on the Costa del Sol: the Wanninkhof-Carabantes Affair: In 1999, Rocío Wanninkhof, 19, was murdered. Her mother’s former partner is accused of the murder, but is she guilty? A second victim relaunches the investigation.


The Naked Director season 2: Now promoted to “Emperor of Porn”, Toru Muranishi always aims higher, but his ego and limitless ambitions could well cause his downfall.

GODZILLA The origin of the invasion season 1: Reunited by a mysterious song, a student and an engineer fight an extraordinary creature whose devastating power could destroy the world.

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