Netflix: what are the most viewed original films on the platform?

Netflix: what are the most viewed original films on the platform?

The American site Deadline has unveiled the list of the 10 films produced by Netflix the most viewed on the platform since its creation. We tell you everything!

What are the most viewed original movies on Netflix in recent years? This is the question answered by the American site Deadline in This article, which is based on the figures communicated by the giant of the SVOD.

Please note, to calculate the number of views, Netflix counts those who stayed more than 2 minutes in front of the program and does not take into account only those who went to the end. And above all, the platform is based on a period of 4 weeks only. A slightly biased calculation but which allows us to see which titles have interested more than others.

A trend emerges very clearly from this top 10 of the most viewed original films on Netflix, with an omnipresence of blockbusters carried by superstars: Chris Hemsworth (Tyler Rake), Sandra Bullock (Bird Box), Mark Wahlberg (Spenser Confidential). .. Unfortunately, no trace of the films of great directors like Roma by Alfonso Cuaron or The Irishman by Scorsese.

(Note that this top was published on May 28 and that Army of the Dead figures have probably changed in the meantime).

Tyler Rake – 99 million views


This muscular action flick worn by Chris Hemsworth was released in April 2020. A sequel is already in the pipeline. Tyler rake was directed by Sam Hargrave, from a screenplay by the Russo Brothers (Captain America).

Bird Box – 89 million views


The survival movie Bird Box had created a surprise in 2018 with a simple but effective concept. Three years later, we are still waiting for the continuation of the adventures of Sandra Bullock in the second part.

Spenser Confidential – 85 million views


We didn’t expect much from this umpteenth buddy movie, but audiences seem to have enjoyed this new collaboration between director Peter Berg and his favorite actor Mark Wahlberg.

6 Underground – 83 million views


Who says Michael Bay, says blockbuster with cars which fly and things which explode. No wonder to find 6 Underground with Ryan Reynolds in this top as it is calibrated for success. Again, a sequel would be in the pipeline.

Murder Mystery – 83 million views


Adam Sandler has made a series of films with Netflix but Murder Mystery is the only one to have reached the top 10. Jennifer Aniston, Luke Evans and Dany Boon appear in this Agatha Christie-style detective comedy.

The Old Guard – 78 million views


Last July, Charlize Theron played the immortals in The Old Guard. A successful bet if we believe the figures above. A sequel is also planned.

Enola Holmes – 76 million views


The investigative film worn by Millie Bobby Brown pulls out of the game by targeting a younger target than the other feature films. Netflix has in any case done well to have bet on the bankable star of Stranger Things. Enola Holmes 2 is currently filming across the Channel.

Tied: Midnight in the Universe and Army of the Dead – 72 million views


If Army of The Dead, Zack Snyder’s zombie flick has already probably surpassed 72 million views, Midnight in the Universe does not deserve it. A success probably due to its headliner, George Clooney, which we see less and less in the cinema.

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