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Discover the comedy which is a hit on Netflix this week, and which has a 5-star cast. However, it was poorly received by critics when it was released.

The social comedy The Great Sharing is currently one of the biggest hits on the Netflix platform. We find a topical subject there: the extreme cold and the consequences it can have on the most disadvantaged.

The story takes place during a particularly difficult winter in France. The government publishes a decree obliging French citizens to welcome into their homes the least well housed and the most precarious. It’s time for a big divide, but in a very chic Parisian building, the residents are starting to panic slightly.

Among the residents are the Dubreuils (Karin Viard and Didier Bourdon), the Abramovichs (Anemone and Jackie Berroyer) and the racist caretaker (Josiane Balasko). pretending to beoutsiders in this house, we find the Bretzel family (Valérie Bonneton and Michel Vuillermoz) who help the poorest. Patrick Chesnais is the “eccentric neighbor” of all these beautiful people.

Wild Bunch

This is the fourth film by director and screenwriter Alexandra Leclère after The Angry Sisters, The Price to Pay and Mom. At the time of its release, Le Grand Partage was far from seducing the press, since it gave it an average rating of 2/5 on AlloCiné.

Le magazines Les Inrockuptibles judged for example that:

“(…) [C]This motif only inspires its author with shrill raillery, rancid savvy. The worst is reached when the questioning comes to solve the dysfunctions of the system. Housing the homeless allows the detumescent bourgeois to fuck better. All sheltered, indeed.”

However, Le Grand division is at the time of these lines in second position in the top Netflix France. Perhaps the context of extreme cold and possible power cuts gives a second life to this film about helping the poorest?

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