Netflix: this erotic thriller is a hit even if subscribers don’t understand it! – News Series


“Un œil indiscret” follows a talented hacker but also voyeur who finds herself immersed in a dangerous investigation after her neighbor, a sex worker, leaves for the weekend.

Launched on January 1 on Netflix, An Indiscreet Eye is a Brazilian mini-series that fascinates subscribers. This erotic thriller tells the story of Miranda (Débora Nascimento) who hacks into the surveillance system of the building opposite her home. And she observes in particular the activity of a neighbor, Cléo (Emanuelle Araújo), a luxury prostitute who receives her clients at her home.

It will be understood, Miranda is not only a hacker but also a voyeur. The story takes off the day Cleo asks Miranda to babysit her dog while she’s away, and that’s when Miranda meets the man of her dreams, Fernando (Nikolas Antunes). Make way for a lot more drama and suspense.

An indiscreet eye applies an effective recipe on Netflix: beautiful people, sex and drama. Add to that the voyeurism and it was enough for the series to rise in just a few days to fourth place in the top 10.

Subscribers quickly succumbed to this series made up of ten episodes where the twists and turns are legion. They have a great time on Twitter by multiplying the reactions. Many people point out their headache after watching the series! Small anthology (with a spoiler warning!) :

The series A prying eye is currently available on Netflix.

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