Netflix: The Tinder Scammer is reportedly working on his Wolf of Wall Street biopic –…

The scammer Simon Leviev unzip the Netflix documentary The Scammer of Tinder of which he is the subject and gives his version of the facts of scam which he is accused of. He also claims to be working on a Wolf of Wall Street biopic project.

The Tinder Scammer has not finished talking about him. In the limelight since the documentary was uploaded to Netflix, Simon Leviev, real name Shimon Hayut, seems to want to capitalize on his newfound fame despite the crimes he has committed. This 31-year-old man, who posed as a wealthy heir, seduced, tricked and extorted around ten women across Europe between 2017 and 2019, for a total loot of around $10 million.

The documentary L’Arnaqueur de Tinder returned to this story, the schemes of Simon Leviev and the suffering of the victims, Cecilie Fjellhøy, Pernilla Sjoholm and Ayleen Charlotte, who also launched a kitty GoFundMe to pay off their many debts. Imprisoned for five months in Israel but never sentenced for the harm caused to the victims present in the documentary, the scammer has since lived as if nothing had happened and the broadcast of the documentary on Netflix gave him ideas.

According to TMZ, Simon Leviev has signed with agent Gina Rodriguez, who represents many stars of various reality TV shows in Los Angeles, in order to develop a dating show or a podcast around him. The scammer seems to want to rise to fame at all costs and he recently gave an exclusive interview to Inside Edition in which he gives “his version of the story”, alongside his new companion.

Simon Leviev breaks the silence

Simon Leviev says he “isn’t that monster” portrayed in the documentary and that he was “just a single guy who wanted to meet girls on Tinder”. In the interviewthe scammer refutes all the accusations of the victims, who according to him, “were not tricked and were not threatened”. He also explains that he never introduced himself to them as the son of a wealthy diamond dealer.

The Tinder Scammer on Netflix: a mind-blowing documentary about a millionaire fake lover and real scammer

Far from having regrets, Simon Leviev says “to feel bad about what is happening to him”. The offending man “wants his name cleared and wants to tell the world it’s all fake”. So how does he manage to lead such a rich life, between starred hotels, private jets and luxury cars? The answer is simple for The Tinder Scammer, it is “a businessman who bought bitcoins in 2011, the great value of which he does not need to reveal today”.

A film and other business for the crook?

For Simon Leviev, it is clear that the Netflix documentary torpedoes him: “I am not a fraud, I am not an impostor. People don’t know me so they can’t judge me.” His version of the facts will perhaps be given in a new project since he declared in the second part of the Inside Edition interview that in addition to the reality TV show, he has a book and film project chronicling his life in development, “in the vein of Catch Me If You Can and The Wolf of Wall Street”in his words.

Netflix: the tinder scammer is reportedly working on his wolf of wall street biopic –...
Simon Leviev/Netflix

The Tinder Scammer is capitalizing fully on his new notoriety since he has also signed a partnership with the site cameo, where celebrities can record personalized messages for fans. And the scammer asks for 199 dollars (175 euros) for videos in which he plays unscrupulously with his reputation, as with this message for example: “Patrick asked me to wish you a happy birthday. You can’t use my scheme to use his credit card”.

In this second and final part of the exclusive interview with Inside Edition, Simon Leviev claims his innocence and attacks the victims of the Netflix documentary: “They took the whole story, manipulated it and added things to it to make it their own and destroy my reputation”. We don’t yet know how far this mind-blowing affair will go, but Simon Leviev is determined to regain possession of the narration of this story, to the detriment of the discourse of the victims.

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