Netflix: the shock end of In the service of the past explained by its creator

The first season of In the service of the past ends with a shocking revelation that calls into question the entire plot of the series. A reversal of the situation to which the creator of the Netflix show, Adam Glass, returned.

Warning, this article contains spoilers for the end of the first season of In the Service of the Past.

Continually in the top 10 of Netflix views since it went online at the end of January, In the service of the past has delighted the platform’s subscribers. The latter, however, had a big surprise when they discovered the last scene of the season, which calls into question everything that viewers had learned about Jenny during the 8 episodes available.

An unexpected twist

When the series begins, the Russian heroine played by Margarita Levieva seems to have completely abandoned her life as a spy and rebuilt her life in the United States. It is CIA agent Chauncey (Cillian O’Sullivan) who forces her to take up arms again to help thwart a plot. Or at least, that’s what we thought…

The first surprise of the scenario comes from the fact that the plot in question was orchestrated by Jenny’s own mother, or rather Anya of her real name. And the second is that the latter has, it seems, never stopped working on behalf of Russia!

Indeed, back in the United States and as she begins a relationship with Chauncey, we see Jenny recover a telephone hidden in the floor of her garage and then call an unknown person, to whom she declares, in Russian: “Agent Anya Petrova. It worked. I am in place.

What this means for the character

In an interview at Entertainment Weeklyseries creator Adam Glass revealed that he didn’t give the script for the final episode to Margarita Levieva from the start so that she “don’t change the way she played Jenny”.

What I wanted to do in the end was take the power back, which is to say she was in control from the start and everything you saw was just a giant comedy.

She knew everything that was going on and she put herself in this position. A season 2 would question why she did that”, he specifies. If Netflix has not yet confirmed that a new season will see the light of day, Adam Glass has already planned everything.

Intrigues already imagined

“JI have a development plan for three years but if the series is a hit and Netflix asks me for five seasons, I will adapt”, assures the screenwriter. And to continue:From the beginning, I see it in three parts. I always imagine the beginning and the end…and then how to get there. It’s almost like a puzzle.

That’s the great thing about writer meetings, and having good writers who are able to connect all the dots that I put on the board”, he explains before giving an overview of what we could see in season 2.

Netflix: the shock end of in the service of the past explained by its creator

If there were new episodes, they would continue to explore the past of Anya (whose young version is played by Stasya Miloslavskaya) and more specifically her first time in the United States in the 90s. Viewers would follow her as she leads a double life as a student at New York University while successfully completing missions under her codename, the Whisper.

His relationship with Chauncey should also be at the heart of the possible second season: “[Jenny] has a mission and just might fall for Chauncey. Will they be much like Mr. and Mrs. Smith in a new season and continue to build their relationship while working together? In a way it mirrors what happened to Anya, she has to choose again between love and country”, says Adam Glass.

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