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Among the most-watched films on Netflix right now, The Maiden and the Sea is a family adventure feature film inspired by a true story. Do you know her?

What is it about ?

By dint of will, an Australian teenager faces her fears to realize her dream of becoming the youngest skipper to complete a solo circumnavigation of the globe.

The Girl and the Sea by Sarah Spillane with Teagan Croft, Anna Paquin, Cliff Curtis.

A mind-blowing and inspiring true story

Australian adventure film, The Girl and the Sea (True Spirit, in its original version) has quickly slipped into the top of Netflix viewings since it was recently posted online. This family feature film centered on the inspiring epic of a determined heroine has everything to seduce young and old, especially since its plot is based on a mind-blowing true story.

The Maiden and the Sea is indeed adapted from the memoirs True Spirit: The Aussie Girl Who Took On The World of Jessica Watson, the youngest person to circumnavigate the globe solo, nonstop.

Born on May 18, 1993, the young Australian navigator received the medal of the Order of Australia after having sailed around the world at the age of 16. Coming from a family of sailing enthusiasts, who lived in a boat for five years, Jessica Watson dreamed of this solo world tour from the age of 12.


Four years later, she began this tour from Sydney on October 18, 2009 aboard her boat, Ella’s Pink Lady with a pink hull sponsored by Ella Baché, a French skincare brand. She heads northeast to cross the Equator into the Pacific Ocean and then heads for the Atlantic and Indian Oceans before returning to Sydney on May 15, 2010, three days before her seventeenth birthday.

Before her departure, Jessica Watson had spoken with an official of the World Sailing Speed ​​Record Council, an organization set up by the International Sailing Federation to validate sailing records impartially. Learning that she would have no records because of her age, she decided not to meet the distance criteria for her tour, which prevented her trip from being considered a circumnavigation.

But she was still recognized for this world tour and she drew a book from it which she published in 2010. Jessica Watson even filmed a documentary on her trip, which was released on DVD the same year.

Today, her story is told in the film The Girl and the Sea. The young woman is played by Teagan Croft, known for her role as Raven in the Titans series. In the casting, she is accompanied by Anna Paquin and Cliff Curtis.

The Maiden and the Sea is available on Netflix.

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