Netflix: The Goonies, Chaplin’s Kid … 8 cult films for children to watch – cinema news

Take advantage of the school holidays to show your children eight cult movies, available on Netflix, from “Goonies” to “Save Willy” to Chaplin’s “Kid”.

Netflix: the goonies, chaplin's kid... 8 cult films for children to watch - cinema news

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Very young children must spend a maximum of 1 hour per day in front of a screen.

The 400 blows

From the age of 8

It is François Truffaut’s first film and the most accessible for young audiences. Like a Good Little Devil or Lost Dog without a collar, the story is that of a turbulent and unloved teenager, who lies to his parents and continues to do nonsense, until he attracts the attention of the police. With The Four Hundred Blows, Truffaut makes a film that is certainly cruel about abandonment but full of poetry and tenderness. His Antoine Doinel is immediately endearing for children and the staging is close to the character, who is everywhere. The filmmaker was greatly inspired by his own childhood for the film, and if the atmosphere of the film seems “dated” today (the end of the 50s), his subject is there, overwhelming and unfortunately timeless.

Goosebumps the movie

From 6 years old

RL Stine, the famous author of horrific bestsellers Goosebumps keep captive the monsters he stages in his novels (and which really exist!). But when the creatures find themselves freed by mistake, young Zach, Hannah, Champ and Stine are the only ones able to save the city … Adapted from the bestselling children’s novel series, Goosebumps take you through the universe created by RL Stine. While adults will find the film watchable, those who are familiar with these novels will have a great time. Goosebumps full of nods to the literary series and the communicative good humor of Jack Black and the whole wins the piece.

The Goonies

From the age of 8

Astoria is a modest and peaceful port city on the West Coast. Too peaceful for its young inhabitants … “Nothing ever happens here”, one day sighed one of them, melancholy. Thirteen-year-old Mickey Walsh had just uttered one of those fateful phrases that sometimes herald the strangest, craziest and funniest adventures. The yardstick of adventure “for children”, The Goonies is a generous film where one laughs, shivers, marvels and in front of which one escapes. It’s also one of the most successful films about the transition from childhood to adolescence, all with a healthy dose of action. A timeless classic.

The Kid

From the age of 8

Dropped by her lover, a young woman abandons her child. Charlot collects it. Five years have passed and the vagabond has improvised as a father, making this child his most faithful friend to get out of poverty at all costs. The duo do not yet know that many events, funny and sometimes tragic, await them … A silent film can constitute a sometimes insurmountable barrier for children, but the charisma of the young actor playing the “Kid” (Jackie Coogan) should allow them to identify, the fantasy of Charlot fascinate them, and the fate of this improvised family captivate them. The Kid is also punctuated by stunts and chases which offer enough spectacle to keep the little ones in suspense, and let them be caught by the emotion of the film and the message of love it conveys.


From 6 years old

Matilda is a bright, curious and intelligent little girl, but her parents are silly and mean. At the age of six, she was finally sent to school. There, she discovers a teacher who gives her the attention she does not have at home. But the director of the establishment is, on the other hand, much stricter and terrorizes the children. Matilda then discovers that she has mysterious powers that she will use to change her life … The film presents an opposition between a dream mistress and the worst of mistresses, with the children trapped in the middle and shows how a smart little girl can sort it out. Still too little known, Matilda deserves rediscovery by the whole family.

The little Princess

From the age of 8

While her father enlisted in the British army to fight against the Germans during World War I, Sara was sent to a boarding school in New York. On the spot, she maintains very tumultuous relations with the severe director who takes a dim view of the grandiose dreams of the young girl. The Little Princess does not deal with very happy themes, tackling the war, the problems with authority and life in boarding school. But Sara escapes and very quickly, the dream mixes with reality, to produce a beautiful film about childhood, imbued with poetry and not devoid of humor. A nugget to rediscover, signed Alfonso Cuarón.

Back to the future

From the age of 8

The story is well known: Marty McFly travels through time by accident and finds himself in 1955 where he unwillingly prevents meeting his parents. He must then do everything to put them back together with the help of Professor Emmett Brown, otherwise he will no longer be able to exist … Everything has already been written on this cult film by Robert Zemeckis produced by Steven Spielberg, and which had two suites. Well-written, well-paced, Back to the Future is the best that the American entertainment film of the 80s offered us. Best of all, the movie can be enjoyed by the whole family to varying degrees. What more could you ask for, name of Zeus ?!

Save Willy

From the age of 8

An ode to animal welfare, Save Willy tells the story of the friendship between a young boy and an orca in captivity in the dilapidated basin of a decrepit amusement park. Obviously, their meeting will lead to a salvation: Jesse saves Willy, but Willy obviously, saves his life in turn. The interest of the film lies in its presentation of a harsh and complex world, in which the child is forced to rebel so that adults understand what is the right thing to do and fight injustice. The dialogue will gradually develop between them and the child who, a little wild at the beginning, will end up making the right choices for his life.

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