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A craving for zombies? Discover the 7 best films of the genre available on Netflix! On the menu: the crazy Welcome to Zombieland, the awkward Cargo, the muscular Army of the Dead…


Please note: this ranking is based on the ratings of AlloCiné internet users. Only films with at least 500 votes were taken into account in this top.

1- Welcome to Zombieland

A wacky (mis)adventure in a post-apocalyptic world teeming with undead: Welcome to Zombieland! At the center of this horrific comedy with hilarious lines and sequences, a quartet of fortunes must come together to survive, composed of a shy and terrified young man in search of his family, a fearless zombie hunter in search of of Twinkies, his favorite cookies, and two trained sisters trying to get to an amusement park.

So many characters who have become cult like those who interpret them: the excellent Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg, Emma Stone and Abigail Breslin. Enjoyable and downright crazy, Welcome to Zombieland does not take itself seriously. A visual madness that has all the perfect entertainment.

2- Planet Terror – a Grindhouse Movie

As an epidemic gradually turns the population into zombies, a group of survivors, led by a go-go dancer and her ex-boyfriend, fight to survive and stop this deadly invasion. A tribute to B movies, Planet Terror is intentionally retro but is above all a gory and exalted UFO, with caustic black humour: a pure scary and supercharged horror film by Robert Rodriguez in all its crazy splendour.

Associated with Quentin Tarantino’s Death Boulevard, it is part of a now cult double Grindhouse program, offering hemoglobin explosion, action to no longer power, offbeat narrative, eccentric characters embodied by emblematic actors (Rose McGowan , Josh Brolin, Bruce Willis…): in short, a great disproportionate spectacle.

3- World War Z

The world descends into chaos when a deadly virus, turning men into zombies, takes over the planet at a frantic pace. Gerry Lane, a former United Nations investigator then embarks on a mad race against time to try to identify the origin of this pandemic and thus save his family… and all of Humanity.

Adapted from an eponymous novel, World War Z is finally Brad Pitt against the zombies, carried by a well-crafted and more than realistic scenario! Intense blockbuster that is worth seeing, it dazzles us with its giant crowd movements, opposing hordes of infected humans and frightened survivors, and the general panic that emanates from it. But it also offers us more intimate scenes with palpable and chilling tension: here, the horror is not gore but rather psychological and it is perhaps worse…

4- #Alive

Everything seems hopeless for Joon-woo, a young man confined to his apartment due to an unknown virus that has infested Seoul, until he realizes that he is not alone… Opposite, a young woman also lives cut off, also trying to survive. South Korean filmmaker Cho Il-hyeong co-wrote and directs this zombie horror film in association with American screenwriter Matt Naylor.

A partnership that pays! Indeed, totaling nearly two million box office admissions in June 2020 – after a period of real quarantine – #Alive then met with great success on Netflix. Dramatic and psychological, the thriller relies on an oppressive atmosphere, a rhythmic plot and (rare) endearing characters: tension is indeed queen in this nervous and effective camera.

5- Cargo

Andy is infected. He only has 48 hours before he transforms into a flesh-eating creature and begins to wander, soulless, aimless and forever, through the sublime landscapes of the Australian bush. But Andy does not have time to resign himself to his disastrous fate: he must indeed find a trusted person to take care of his baby… Remake of a short film directed by its same directors, Ben Howling and Yolanda Ramke,

Cargo is the last mission, both beautiful and tragic, of a desperate father, ready to do anything to save his daughter. A zombie film which has nothing in common and which stands out for its plot and its atmosphere: indeed, here there is no gore but rather a heavy pessimism and a tense suspense, which make all the originality of this apocalyptic thriller carried by Martin Freeman.

6- Army Of The Dead

While Las Vegas is infested with zombies and quarantined by the government, a group of mercenaries take the opportunity to sneak into the deserted city – or almost – with the aim of carrying out the greatest heist of all time. Led by the colossal Dave Bautista, here squarely in his element, the action film aims to be demented and boosted, and revisits the “zombie” genre with humor and surprises to boot.

Directed by Zack Snyder, Army Of The Dead took Netflix by storm when it was released in May 2021, so much so that it ranked ninth among the platform’s original creations with 75 million views in 28 days! A success that will earn him a prequel, as well as a sequel and an animated series, both in preparation.

7- The Hungry

A zombie film, criticism of consumer society and rural exodus: this is a winning combination for Quebec director Robin Aubert. Led by Marc-André Grondin, Les Affamés is a disconcerting film, meticulously directed and full of mystery. It takes place in a small remote village in Quebec where the inhabitants have changed, attacking their loved ones with ferocity. Only one solution for a group of survivors: to flee by sinking into the forest.

Benefiting from a fine aesthetic, a rhythmic rhythm and a heavy atmosphere, Les Affamés oscillates between black humor and scary moments, with the added bonus of endearing protagonists. Voted Best Canadian Feature at the Toronto International Film Festival, it also won the Jury Prize at the Gérardmer Festival.

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