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Fan of masked vigilantes? Here are the 7 best superhero movies to see on the platform: the dark The Dark Knight, the uninhibited Hancock, the ultra-violent The Punisher…

Netflix: the 7 best superhero films to see according to viewers - actus ciné
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1- The Dark Knight

Directed by Christopher Nolan, with Christian Bale, Heath Ledger and Aaron Eckhart

The second part of Christopher Nolan’s trilogy, The Dark Knight ranks in the pantheon of the most cult and acclaimed superhero films for its audacity, its unbearable suspense and its crazy action scenes. It is in a heavy atmosphere and a dark and realistic political context that a criticized Batman evolves, plagued by doubts.

Faced with the mysterious black knight, it is the most deranged and unpredictable villain of pop culture who imposes himself… until he steals the show! Embodied by an inhabited Heath Ledger, the mythical Joker comes to life. Frighteningly iconic, the Oscar-winning actor’s performance, sadly posthumously, remains unforgettable. And that’s where all the power of the film comes from.

2- Lego Batman

Finally a hero of his own movie, the somewhat self-absorbed Batman still fights crime on the dark streets of Gotham City. But facing yet another trick from his sworn enemy, the terrible Joker, the lone black knight must then work as a team. Lego Batman immerses you in the heart of a spectacular, original and ingenious adventure with thrilling action, a surprising soundtrack and humor to rain on it.

Brilliantly directed by Chris McKay, who signs his first feature film there, it reconciles critics and audiences who agree to make it a success. Bonus not to be missed: the many comic nods to other works from the Warner Bros studios, always full of self-mockery.



Alcoholic and angry, Hancock has superpowers, but is that enough to make him a superhero? Because when he saves lives, it is above all a mountain of damage that he leaves behind. Unpopular and rejected, he doesn’t care what others think until the day he saves a public relations expert ready to help him restore his image. Between action, destruction but also self-seeking and redemption, Hancock is indeed a superhero film, one of those that breaks with tradition.

With a Will Smith excelling in a different register, Peter Berg produces here an offbeat comedy playing with the codes of a genre that is often copied and pasted, an original and inventive entertainment that does not hesitate to scratch the image of superheroes.

4- Wanted: choose your destiny

Wesley Gibson, a frustrated young office worker, perpetually humiliated by his boss, his colleagues and his unfaithful girlfriend, finds his life turned upside down when he meets Fox, an elite killer who is part of a secret organization, who reveals to him that he is the son of a professional assassin whose murderous abilities he shares as well as strange unsuspected aptitudes.

Timur Bekmambetov brings the comics of Mark Millar and JG Jones to life here with a cast of stars: James McAvoy, Angelina Jolie and Morgan Freeman. And the thriller does not fail in its homework: action scenes “à la Matrix” defying gravity, frantic pace and assumed violence, everything is there. A delirious and aesthetic show, sprinkled with humor and philosophy, Wanted will certainly shake you up.

5- How I became a superhero

Adapted from the homonymous novel by Gérald Bronner, here is an ambitious feature film by Douglas Attal, with the look of a big-budget thriller… with quality special effects, what’s more! We are in Paris in 2020 and superheroes are now commonplace. Lieutenants Moreau and Schaltzmann, helped by two former vigilantes, must then investigate the spread of a mysterious substance giving powers to those who do not have them.

But everything gets complicated when Moreau’s past resurfaces. Released on Netflix, How I became a superhero, worn by Pio Marmaï, Leïla Bekhti, Vimala Pons and Benoît Poelvoorde, places the heroic genre in a calmer and calmer reality than that of its American colleagues. A “blockbuster made in France” as we rarely see and which is nevertheless worth the detour!

6- The Punisher

One plan, one enemy, both to execute: that’s The Punisher’s mission. Frank Castle is a former Delta Force member turned FBI agent about to retire to his wife and son when his latest operation results in the death of an underworld tycoon’s son. The latter then orders the execution of the Castle family. The only survivor, Frank then plans his revenge.

Unknown, The Punisher is yet to (re)discover… if you are over 16! Indeed, forbidden to the youngest, this superhero film is characterized by its brutally convincing action scenes. In this adaptation of a series of comics, we find an excellent Thomas Jane as a vigilante who has nothing more to lose against a brilliant John Travolta of sadism.

7- Daredevil

If Daredevil is not the most adored of Marvel, it remains a rhythmic and ambitious film, mixing action and sensitivity. We follow the adventures of Matt Murdock, a blind young man who defends the innocent by day and punishes those who escape justice by night. Endowed with overdeveloped senses, he must here face two formidable enemies, Le Caïd and his henchman, Bullseye (a Colin Farrell of great cruelty).

The feature film does not hesitate here to make its viewer reflect on the sense of justice as a whole, featuring an ambivalent, dark and tortured hero, played by Ben Affleck. Not to be missed: the traditional cameo of the late Stan Lee, in the shoes of a passerby saved by a narrow margin by a Matt Murdock with acute senses.

Bonus – Elektra

And who says Daredevil, says Elektra! For this film, Jennifer Garner finds her role as a superheroine that she held in the supporting role in Daredevil, placing herself this time at the center of the plot. The legendary hitman is on a mission here to kill her new neighbors, a man and his mysterious teenage daughter who however looks a lot like her, both pursued by the “Hand”, the famous and evil mafia organization of the comics.

But the situation turns around, Elektra finally decides to save her targets… Created by Frank Miller for Marvel, Elektra offers its audience action, martial arts, a complex super warrior as well as beautiful photography.

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