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Discover the 7 best comedies available on the platform! On the menu of cult science fiction, crazy animation, sacred British comedy and a timeless classic…

Netflix: the 7 best comedies to watch according to viewers - actus ciné
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Please note: this ranking is based on the ratings of AlloCiné internet users. Only films with at least 500 votes were taken into account in this top.

1- Back to the future II

Directed by De Robert Zemeckis, with Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd and Lea Thompson

It was in 1989 that the public reunited with Marty and Doc for a second extraordinary adventure, still signed by Robert Zemeckis. Back in the present, Doc leads Marty on a most urgent mission in the future this time, then again in the past in order to repair the disastrous consequences of their journey through time, on his family in particular.

Past, present and future thus intertwine again in this explosive and spectacular new opus. With its complex and captivating plot, it offers us, through memorable scenes, humor, action and twists… all multiplied by two! And if you believed with everything seen with the original film, you are wrong: Back to the Future II is indeed the worthy successor to its elder. And don’t be ashamed in 2022 of its fantasized world of 2015, largely visionary!


Directed by Andrew Adamson and Vicky Jenson, with the voices of Alain Chabat, Mike Myers and Med Hondo

First part of a saga that has become cult, Shrek is indeed the animated film of a whole generation, the one that allowed DreamWorks to compete with Pixar and Disney. A scathing parody of all our favorite fairy tales, Shrek is the story of a greenish and cynical ogre who, when his swamp and haven of peace is invaded by magical creatures, accepts a heroic mission to reclaim his land.

Accompanied by an exuberant donkey, he must then save Princess Fiona, prisoner of a tower guarded by a dragon. Dazzling success, official selection at the Cannes Film Festival, and the first to receive the Oscar for best animated film: so many arguments that make you want to see and see again this thrilling and hilarious adventure, which has not lost an ounce of its legendary charm.

3- Monty Python, sacred Grail

Directed by Terry Jones and Terry Gilliam, with Graham Chapman, Terry Gilliam and John Cleese

After shaking English television, the Monty Python comedy troupe took the big screen by storm with a second film in 1975, the first to benefit from a real script. With this offbeat adventure at the time of the Middle Ages, the British geniuses of comedy revisit here, with the means at hand (homemade sound effects included), the legend of Arthur and the knights of the round table and the quest for the Grail.

A succession of epic scenes, each crazier than the next, this feature film is one of the most absurd and certainly one of the funniest in the world of cinema; a cult critical and public success that does not take itself seriously at all. So embark on this fantastic – in every sense of the word – and wacky conquest, to die for laughter.

4- Back to the future III

Directed by Robert Zemeckis, with Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd and Thomas F. Wilson

Never two without three ! Last installation of a mythical saga entered the popular culture, this third part sees Doc prisoner of the past and stuck in 1880 in the far west. It is therefore up to Marty to save his old friend in a time that is far too short: five days to find him and bring him back to his time.

Filmed in conjunction with the second episode, Back to the Future III rises, a year later, to the height of its predecessors, with its grandiose sets and its finely orchestrated twists. Robert Zemeckis concludes his legendary trilogy here with an original, surprising and always innovative and hilarious last chapter: a beautiful end to this incredible epic that has become timeless, quite simply one of the best of all time.

5- The Mitchells against the machines

Directed by Michael Rianda and Jeff Rowe, with Abbi Jacobson, Danny McBride and Maya Rudolph

A dysfunctional and loosely-knit family, the Mitchells find their road trip disrupted by a global tech rebellion that turns our beloved everyday electronics into formidable enemies. In addition to having to face their personal problems, they must now unite to save the world.

Colorful and delirious animated film, with a frenetic pace and crazy actions, Les Mitchells against the machines connects the twists but not only. With its endearing characters and its moving story, the film excels in emotion, the real one. Combining the good and bad sides of technology without really criticizing it, it also benefits from a great moral… and many brilliant cinematographic references!

6- My uncle

Directed by Jacques Tati, with Jacques Tati, Jean-Pierre Zola and Adrienne Servantie

Mon Oncle is the return of Jacques Tati in the skin of his famous character in raincoat, dreamer and bohemian, Mr. Hulot. The film, released in 1958, follows the adventures of the hero’s nephew, little Gérard Arpel, who spends most of his time with his uncle. However, this relationship does not please the parents of the boy, who are proud of their modern life in a luxury villa. So they decide to separate them, Mr. Arpel by offering his son a job in his factory and Mrs. Arpel by organizing a date for him.

Critic of a consumer society in its infancy, Jacques Tati, clearly ahead of his time, achieves a comic tour de force. Through its revolutionary visual and sound staging, Mon Oncle is such a funny and charming poem, a classic of French cinema not to be missed.

7- Monty Python, Brian’s life

Directed by Terry Jones, with Graham Chapman, Terry Gilliam and John Cleese

After the resounding success of Sacred Grail, the Monty Pythons are back here with another hilarious ancient comedy. This time the troupe tackles a most biblical story: that of Brian, born in the year zero in Judea, in the stable next to that of… Jesus! Brian’s life, filled with doubts and pitfalls, will thus be very similar to that of the messiah… in spite of himself!

In this third craze of Monty Python, produced among others by ex-Beatles George Harrison, we find all the charm of their burlesque humor: delirious characters, a wacky plot, irreverence and provocation galore. We are approaching blasphemy, which is why the film did not win unanimous support, but as he puts it so well, we must “always see the bright side of life”.

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