Netflix: the 10 best animated films for children to see on the platform

Netflix: the 10 best animated films for children to see on the platform

What are the top 10 movies to watch on Netflix with kids? AlloCiné offers you a top 10, classified according to spectator ratings. This classification does not include the Ghibli catalog which is the subject of a separate classification.

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The catalog of the platform may evolve, so some of the content offered in this article may no longer be available when you read it. Thanks for your understanding.


From 6 years old

If you missed this little nugget, which came out on Netflix at Christmas time, it’s time to catch up. Klaus explores the legend of Santa Claus while deconstructing the myth. Full of anecdotes and winks to the legendary man in red clothes this poetic film is funny and above all moving. This 2D animation film deals with various subjects such as education, the importance of children’s speech, friendship, love, mourning and altruism. The film, which has 2 reading levels, will appeal to children and parents alike.


From 4 years old

After having charmed the hearts of small readers (in the books of the Belgian author and illustrator Gabrielle Vincent), the bear Ernest and his friend the mouse Célestine were entitled to their first cinematographic adaptation in 2012. The feature film tells the story story of the unlikely friendship between a bear and a mouse. In a world where such a relationship is frowned upon, the two lonely beings will support and comfort each other, thus upsetting the established order. Dialogue by Daniel Pennac and set to music by Vincent Courtois, this lovely tale is a great lesson in friendship beyond social differences. Respecting the watercolor illustrations of the works, the film by Benjamin Renner, Vincent Patar and Stéphane Aubier is ideal for young spectators from 4 years old. Note that certain scenes in the film, especially that of the orphanage, can however frighten the little ones.


From 6 years old

In 2001, a green ogre (with the voice of Alain Chabat), a talkative donkey and a cursed princess landed in our dark rooms. After 4 feature films, TV movies and spin-offs, Shrek is now a cult franchise. Available on Netflix, this animated film from Dreamworks studios is the perfect companion for family laughs and brainstorming. Directed by Andrew Adamson and Vicky Jenson, Shrek plays with clichés and advocates acceptance of the other while parodying classic fairy tales. A classic that will amuse young and old.


From the age of 8

Directed by Franck Ekinci and Christian Desmares, Avril et le monde truqué is an adventure film of great visual richness. It must be said that the universe and the characters were designed by the French cartoonist and scriptwriter Jacques Tardi (Les Aventures extraordinaires d’Adèle Blanc-Sec, Nestor Burma). The film takes place in Paris in 1941, in a uchronic universe in which scientists have disappeared for 70 years, thus depriving the world of capital inventions. April, a young girl goes in search of her parents, missing scientists. The story is intelligent, full of details while being funny and leads to ecological reflection. The older ones will enjoy the historical details and this rewriting of history. A real nugget.


From 6 years old

In 2014, Warner and Lego teamed up to bring the famous toys to life on the big screen. Directed by Phil Lord and Christopher Miller (to whom we owe Storm of giant dumplings and the recent film 21 Jump Street), the feature features a scene of a small banal character who finds himself, despite himself, embarked in a incredible adventure. Full of humor and references to pop culture, the rendering is impeccable and the pace sustained (a little too much for the little ones). Please note: this film may make you suddenly want to play Lego …


From 10 years old

Adapted from the homonymous comic book in 6 volumes by the author Marguerite Abouet and the designer Clément Oubrerie – who also stage their work – the feature film shows the daily life of a young girl in a working-class district in the Côte d ‘ Ivory in the 70s. A work necessarily faithful to the comic strip which will suit children from 10 years since the themes tackled are adultery, the first emotional outbursts or even motherhood. Aïssa Maïga lends her voice to the heroine.


From 4 years old

If your toddlers have already used the DVDs of Asterix – The Domain of the Gods and the Secret of the Magic Potion, why not introduce them to the classic The 12 Works of Asterix? The timeless duo of irreducible Gallic will here have to win 12 tests submitted by Julius Caesar. Released in 1976, the feature film directed by René Goscinny, Albert Uderzo, Pierre Watrin and Henri Gruel was not inspired by any album, when it was released, the story was completely new. This cult film is ideal for children from 4 years old.


From 6 years old

Vampires, monsters and mummies are also entitled to a vacation! All these pretty people are then found at the Hotel Transylvania run by Dracula and his daughter. The famous vampire is here an overprotective solo dad who tries to raise his offspring far from the human world, until a young man arrives at the hotel … This animated film full of references to genre cinema will appeal to movie buff parents, while humor and funny monsters will delight children.


From 6 years old

Dracula is grandpa! But her half-human, half-monster grandson is far too cute. Drac will therefore try to transform it into real terror. In line with the first film, Hôtel Transylvanie 2 continues the gags and makes the characters even more endearing, and basically very human. This suite rightly addresses multiculturalism and the acceptance of the other with its differences. Note that some scenes can scare the youngest, but the humor and the characters will certainly appeal to those over 6 years old.


From 6 years old

Go on an adventure! Released in 2000, La Route d’Eldorado follows 2 friends determined to make a fortune. If it is a question of money, greed and cheating, the film above all shows that friendship is stronger than anything. The music is composed by Hans Zimmer and Elton John. Fourth production from Dreamworks studios, La Route d’Eldorado is the ideal film to travel from your sofa, and in these times of confinement, it feels good.

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