Netflix signs an exclusive agreement with Sony to broadcast their films after their theatrical releases in the United States

Netflix and Sony have signed a colossal deal that allows the streaming platform to broadcast the firm’s films, including Morbius, Spider-Man: New Generation 2 or Uncharted, exclusively after their theatrical releases in the United States.

Netflix has signed a major new deal that should tease the competition. According to Deadline, the American giant and Sony Pictures Entertainment have reached an important agreement giving Netflix the exclusive right to broadcast Sony films after their theatrical release.

The platform will also have to wait for their release on DVD and Blu-ray but after these “constraints” it will be able to broadcast their blockbusters, including Spider-Man: New Generation 2, Uncharted and Bullet Train, for 18 months exclusively. Daniel Espinosa’s Morbius with Jared Leto is expected to be Netflix’s first film after its theatrical release.

This agreement, which should run over 5 years according to Variety, will therefore begin in 2022. Negotiations had been underway for some time and faced with other bidders, Netflix won the bid with an offer of $ 1 billion over four years, according to some Deadline sources.

This exclusive agreement with Netflix replaces the one that Sony had signed with Starz, owned by Lionsgate, dating from 2005. The platform will also have the premiere of the films that Sony plans to broadcast directly in streaming even if the precise details of the deal do not have. been fully disclosed.

Note that Sony has several franchises, such as Spider-Man, Venom, Jumanji and Bad Boys. Netflix will therefore be able to obtain the rights to all of these, which would considerably expand an already full catalog but recently cut off from the headlines recovered by the competition such as the Marvel and Pixar films but also Friends and The Office.

Obviously, this exclusivity obtained by Netflix should only apply on American soil for the moment since the chronology of the media makes this maneuver impossible in France.

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