Netflix: only ten days left to see one of the best series on adolescence – News…

A must-have 1990s series about adolescence is about to leave Netflix’s catalog. Dawson marked a milestone in the history of teen dramas. At the same time nostalgic, cinephile, she marked a whole generation.

What is it about ?

In Capeside, Dawson discovers the vagaries of adolescence and sees his relationship with Joey and Pacey, his lifelong friends, put to the test.

Dawson, a series created by Kevin Williamson with James Van Der Beek, Michelle Williams, Karie Holmes, Joshua Jackson…

Why is it great?

If you were a teenager in the late 1990s, then you’ll probably want to go back to Capeside, Massachusetts for a throwback. And if you didn’t grow up watching Dawsonthen it’s time to catch up!

1. A beautiful story of friendship and more

Dawson begins with his story of friendship between three high school students, Dawson (James Van Der Beek), Joey (Katie Holmes) and Pacey (Joshua Jackson). Of course, the show would later become known for creating one of TV’s greatest love triangles as Joey’s budding romance with Pacey Witter came to jeopardize his friendship with Dawson. The narration around these first love emotions is worth the detour for its description as accurate as it is meticulous.

2. Kevin Williamson is the creator

Behind Dawson hides a certain Kevin Williamson. He made himself known to the whole world by signing the screenplay for Scream by Wes Craven in 1996. And he became the author of other iconic films of the time such as Remember… last summer, The Faculty or Mrs Tingle (with Katie Holmes) which he also directed. It is fun to see him flourish in horror and be a hundred thousand leagues from these horrific atmospheres with Dawson. But there may be a bit of him in the character of Dawson Leery who has ambitions to become the next Steven Spielberg.

Netflix: only ten days left to see one of the best series on adolescence - news...
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3. Still an iconic cast

Twenty years later, the cast members are still part of the audiovisual and cinematographic landscape. James Van Der Beek distinguished himself in the cinema in a role at odds with that of Dawnson in The Laws of Attraction. We have seen it more recently in Laid. Joshua Jackson continued his career primarily on television with fringe, The Affair and last year in Dr Death. We saw Katie Holmes in the Batman Begins by Christopher Nolan and as Jackie Kennedy in the miniseries The Kennedys. This is michelle williams who has the most prestigious career by becoming one of the muses of independent cinema. Whether at Kelly Reichardtfacing Ryan Reynolds in Blue Valentine or in the drama Manchester by the Seashe is acclaimed everywhere.

4. Social issues

Kevin Williamson did not hesitate to deal with strong and serious subjects at a time when we still considered that a series for teens should keep a certain form of innocence. Here, on the contrary, the heroes are confronted with the things of life with all the seriousness which is sometimes necessary. At the end of the six seasons, these teenagers were confronted with great questions. There was talk of cancer, death, drug problems, but also homophobia. Themes approached with delicacy, almost avant-garde for the time and still relevant.

5. A classic in the teen series

Ultimately, Dawson truly ranks among the most beloved coming-of-age stories in TV series history. More than any other teen drama at the time – aside from Angela, 15 years old just before her but over a single season – the series was aimed at all teenagers with an intelligence often difficult to find on television. These characters were brilliant and endearing while remaining just teenagers.

Dawson leaves the Netflix catalog on July 14.

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