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“The Mummy Returns” with Brendan Fraser, considered one of the best adventure films of recent decades, will leave the Netflix platform catalog on February 15!

Nominated this year for the Oscar for Best Actor, Brendan Fraser signs an extraordinary comeback, after being away from the Hollywood circuits for several years.

However, the Canadian actor enjoyed in the 90s an incredible popularity with the general public, thanks in particular to the success of his comedies George of the jungle and Endiablé, but also for the trilogy of adventures The Mummy.

It is generally said that the sequels are less successful than the original films, but this observation does not apply to this trilogy. Thus, in the opinion of many viewers, The Mummy Returns (2001) was even more successful than The Mummy, released two years earlier.

Using the recipe of the first film, with more humor, action and suspense, this second opus plunges the intrepid Rick O’Connell into a merciless fight against the Egyptian high priest Imhotep, who has returned from the dead to wreak vengeance on the adventurer.

Besides Brendan Fraser in the role of Rick O’Connell, and Rachel Weisz in the skin of Evelyn (who became Madame O’Connell in this second part), The Return of the Mummy also allowed a certain Dwayne Johnson (then more known by his wrestling name: The Rock) to land his very first film role.

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The CGI of the film did not respect Dwayne Johnson…

A memory probably bittersweet for the latter, due to catastrophic special effects to bring his character of King Scorpion to life. The final result, considered a failure from the film’s release, did not however prevent the character from becoming the hero of his own spin-off the following year, propelling Dwayne Johnson as a leading actor from then on.

Excellent adventure film carried by one of the best performances of Brendan Fraser, The Return of the Mummy will however no longer be available in the catalog of the Netflix platform from next February 15!

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