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The Norwegian film “Viking Wolf” ranks first in the rankings on Netflix. What do subscribers think of this re-reading of the werewolf myth?

Less than a week after being posted on Netflix, Viking Wolf has already garnered more than 28 million viewing hours worldwide. A very good score for this film which ranks number one in more than twenty countries, including France. Directed by Stig Svendsen, the Norwegian thriller delves into the myth of the werewolf and tells the story of a teenage girl who witnesses a violent attack and is bitten by a creature.

This pretty card succeeds the phenomenon Troll, another Norwegian production which has established itself as the most viewed non-English-speaking feature film in the entire history of the platform. Nevertheless, on the critical side, Viking Wolf is not unanimous.

On Rotten Tomatoes, a reference site on the subject, the film only reaches 40%. Professionals criticize it for its lack of originality and emotion, but nevertheless underline its entertaining aspect. On social networks, the trend remains the same. A little overview of the different opinions on the film:

I thought Viking Wolf was pretty good, but the ending is really bad, especially if there’s no sequel.”

I recently saw this on Netflix. Viking Wolf. I found it good, I liked it. The film is kept simple, but that’s what’s fun. The scenes, the actors, everything is good. I found the visual effects really good and well used. I’m not a fan of the CGI, but it looked good. Thumb up!

Finally, a good werewolf movie! If you haven’t already and you’re a fan of the genre, watch Viking Wolf. Good interpretations from the Scandinavian actors, a cool story and a creepy creature.”

Viking Wolf gnaws The Werewolf of London to the bone and constructs an all-new story around a teenager who comes to a city. Bonus point for the movie Cold Pley appearing on TV during the intro scene. It’s quite cute.

Viking Wolf is available on Netflix.

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