Netflix news this week: end of the heist for the Spanish phenomenon series – …

Netflix news this week: end of the heist for the spanish phenomenon series -...

Thanks to AlloCiné, discover the films and series that will be released on Netflix between December 3 and 9.

The must of the week!

La Casa de Papel Part 5 Vol. 2 (3/12): Some will be sad, others delighted to see La Casa de Papel finally come to an end. It must be said that the success of the Spanish series – of which some criticize the quality – has been unprecedented. Fashionable costumes, song that became popular and then cult, a sequel commissioned by Netflix in the face of reactions around the world … But the best things come to an end. And in these last 5 episodes, the situation turns into a nightmare for the professor who must do everything to remove the gold from the bank, but especially his team in peril …


La Casa de Papel, from Tokyo to Berlin volume 2: Netflix had launched in parallel with part 1 a documentary series which gives voice to those who made La Casa de Papel: actors, directors, screenwriters, producers… We are taken to the heart of the shoot and to meet the actors. A page turns for the showrunners and actors of “La casa de papel” who share filming secrets and say goodbye to the cult series.

Cobalt Blue: In this Indian romantic comedy, an aspiring author and his nonconformist sister fall in love with the enigmatic tenant of the family house, the sequence of events shaking up their traditions.

The tape : In 1999, the young Beverly discovers the broken cassette of a compilation made by her deceased parents. By researching these songs, she will get to know them better. A touching family comedy starring Julie Bowen and Jackson Rathbone (Twilight).

Jurassic World: The Colo of the Cretaceous: In this season 4 which should offer fans a few nods to the film saga, the campers abandon Isla Nublar without regret … But they quickly run aground in a strange new territory, swarming with threats and riddled with well-kept secrets .

The Grinch (2018 – catalog): In this animated remake imagined by Illumination studios (Les Minions), the green hero takes on Christmas once again. But poor of it, the Chous declare that they will celebrate Christmas three times louder this year. The Grinch realizes that he has only one solution left to find peace and quiet: he must steal Christmas. A pretty family fable to (re) discover with your children.


David and the elves: Jaded and overworked, an elf flees to the real world in an attempt to feel the magic of Christmas with the help of a young boy who becomes his friend.

See : In this collection of visual essays imagined by David Finch himself, film buffs reflect on moments in cinema that have enchanted, bewildered, shaken and changed them forever.


The Claus Family 2: Did you like the first part? Find out more! Delivering gifts is the only job of Santa Claus. But when Jules takes over the reins of his grandfather, he is faced with a special wish from a little girl.

3:17 p.m. for Paris (catalog): Clint Eastwood makes us relive the Thalys attack from the point of view of the three American heroes who succeeded in preventing the tragedy.


Titans: After several months of waiting, season 3 finally arrives on Netflix and it promises to be as dark as the previous ones. As they strive to stay united, the Titans are disturbed by Red Hood, a mysterious new adversary, determined to destroy Gotham City once and for all.


Asakusa Kid: Before breaking through, Takeshi Kitano learned the ropes from the humor genius Fukami. But as his notoriety grows, that of his mentor falters. This documentary focused on the Japanese filmmaker / actor / DJ (etc) is a must see for fans around the world.

Shaman King part 2: In order to become the Shaman King, Yoh Asakura merges with the spirit of Amidamaru, a legendary samurai, to participate in Shaman Fight, an ancestral tournament that only takes place every 500 years …

It’s already available and it’s not to be missed!

Bruising: Halle Berry is still on the rise, if we are to believe the excellent performances of her latest film, which she directed in the process. Top number 1 in France and elsewhere in the world, Meurtrie is one of those dramas that put an uppercut in your face.

The reality in the face: During his tour, the comedian Kid stops in his hometown, Philadelphia, where he meets his older brother, Carlton. The day after a night out with the latter, Kid realizes that he can lose everything he has managed to build until then. Kevin Hart abandons comedy for a series in 7 episodes of 30 minutes already validated by subscribers.

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