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Discover thanks to AlloCiné the films and series that will be released on Netflix from February 10 to 16.

The essential of the week

You at my house and vice versa : Debbie (Reese Witherspoon) and Peter (Ashton Kutcher) are best friends despite their diametrically opposed characters. One enjoys her routine with her son in Los Angeles, the other enjoys a change in New York. When they swap homes and lives for a week, they discover that what they think they want isn’t necessarily what they really need.


10 days on the side of good : To be harmless, altruistic, reliable, virtuous, of great morality, to be, in short, a good person, what is the point? Are you a good person just because you’ve never hurt anyone? And if we get our hands dirty in the name of justice, does that make us a bad person? “10 Days on the Side of Good,” a three-film series adapted from the literary trilogy, tells how the mundane Sadık becomes an antihero as he seeks answers to these questions. Going from good to bad to the point of indifference, Sadık subjects those who cross his path to these upheavals, and who in turn end up losing their innocence.

Love to hate you : This romcom features a young lawyer who does not let any man dictate her behavior, and an actor who is wary of women. For them, love is war… But there is a fine line between love and hate.


Love to the power of ten thousand : Everything seems to be smiling for a famous journalist and a pragmatic teacher, until the day when a professional opportunity comes to sow trouble in their young couple.


Every time we fell in love : September 2003. Irene moves to Madrid ready to conquer the world and in the hope of becoming a director. She then made friends, including Julio, who would be perfect in the lead role in her films… and in her life. But she has other plans for her. Every Time We Loved Each Other is a romantic comedy, a bright, nostalgia-tinged story about love and friendship that blossomed during college years, and the need to find one’s place in the world.

Mission Impossible Fallout (catalogue) : Always more action, stunts – by motorcycle in the streets of Paris, by helicopter in the mountains – and reversals of situation in this sixth opus always led by Tom Cruise.

Everywhere we go : A brother and sister who haven’t seen each other in 15 years pick up the pieces while fulfilling a childhood dream: crossing Mexico on a motorcycle.

Sunday between us : Lifelong best friends, Uche and Toyin fall in love with the same complicated man and learn heartbreaking news. Will their bonds stand the test?

Re/Member : Six high school students caught in a deadly time loop must find the scattered remains of an unknown victim to lift the curse and hope to survive.


African queens : Executive producer Jada Pinkett Smith signs a documentary series on the lives of Africa’s most illustrious and iconic queens. The first season will look into the life of Njinga, a complex, fascinating and fearless warrior ruler who ruled the kingdoms of Ndongo and Matamba in present-day Angola in the 17th century. First leader of the nation, a fine diplomat known for her military prowess coupled with a keen political sense, Njinga has become a true icon of the resistance against colonization.

Full Swing : This upcoming immersive documentary series follows a group of professional golf players — on and off the course — through a grueling season of competition, week after week, on the PGA Tour. For the first time, the cameras will accompany the players in the major events of the calendar which are the Players, the Masters, the PGA Championship, the US Open, the British Open and the qualifiers for the FedEx Cup. The documentary will allow fans to discover the players in victory and in defeat and measure the sacrifices required by the highest level on the men’s professional circuit throughout the PGA Tour season.

Lidia lays down her law : Turin, late 19th century. A decision of the Court of Appeal declares illegal the admission of Lidia Poët to the bar, thus preventing the young lawyer from practicing law on the pretext that she is a woman. Penniless, but emboldened by this injustice, Lidia finds a job in the law firm of Enrico, her brother, and prepares the appeal of this judicial decision. Adopting an approach ahead of her time, the young woman helps people suspected of crimes by seeking the truth behind appearances and prejudices. Jacopo, his brother-in-law and mysterious journalist, publishes his information and makes him discover the secrets of flamboyant Turin. This legal series lightly reinterprets the true story of Lidia Poët, Italy’s first female lawyer.

The first time – saison 1 : In the Colombia of the 70s, a mysterious teenager arrives at an all-boys high school, breaking stereotypes, rules… and a few hearts in the process.

Who loves her follows her saison 1 : Tired of her studies, Marcely drops out of university to devote herself to her new goal: to become an influencer. But life online is no small feat…

Red Rose – Saison 1 : A group of teens must survive a dangerous summer after downloading an app that inspires them to complete challenges with deadly consequences.


Aggretsuko : In this season, Haida is forced, following his resignation, to leave the apartment which belongs to his parents, and begins to live in an Internet café. There he meets Shikabane, who seems to have lost interest in life. Retsuko decides to live with Haida to save him. That’s when a suspicious man begins to take an interest in Retsuko…

The Upshaw Family part 3: In future episodes, the Upshaws are still going through ups and downs, landing new jobs, dreaming bigger, struggling with health issues, and being overwhelmed by life’s surprises, but one thing doesn’t change: that’s a loving family that sticks together.

Collection Jurassic Park (catalogue) : The first three films as well as Jurassic World join the Netflix catalog.

It’s already available and not to be missed:

Viking Wolf : Just after moving to a new town, a teenage girl witnesses a brutal murder at a party, and falls prey to strange visions and desires. Such is the spitch of this top Norwegian film. Troll and his record just have to watch out!

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