Netflix news: the end of Stranger Things 4 and Vikings!

Netflix news the end of Stranger Things 4 and Vikings

Discover, thanks to AlloCiné, the films and series that will be released on Netflix between July 1 and July 7!

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Stranger Things 4, volume 2 (01/07): A little over a month after the release of an XXL volume 1 made up of 7 episodes averaging an hour and a quarter, the time has come for the conclusion of this exciting season 4. With (only) two episodes of a respective duration of 1h25 and 2h19, Eleven and the band of Hawkins will face the horrible Vecna ​​in a face-to-face which promises to be bloody.

Noah Schnapp, the interpreter of Will, suggested when he was invited to Jimmy Fallon that there will be deaths to be deplored in these new episodes. A final that promises to be tragic, full of action and emotions. Who are we going to mourn? Will Eleven regain her powers? And will she be able to face Vecna? To find out, see you at 9:01 a.m. on Netflix.

Friday, July 1

vikingsseason 6 part 2: It’s time for the outcome with the 10 episodes that conclude Michael Hirst’s great historical fresco. What fate for the sons of Ragnar, between whom the atmosphere is not looking good? A finale between feasts and ax blows…

Drive (catalog) : When Ryan Gosling play in driver solitary, stuntman during the day for the cinema and driver at night for mobsters, it gives one of the most beautiful visual slaps of the 2011 Cannes Film Festival.

The misfit (catalog) : Cunning and tenacity are in order when a stubborn police commissioner takes aim at a Marseille drug lord in a risky game of cat and mouse. A Jacques Deray classic with John Paul BelmondoHenry Silva or Carlos Sotto Mayor.

Pattaya (catalog) : A film by and starring Frank Gastambide. Franky and Krimo (Malik Bentalha) dream of leaving the grayness of their neighborhood to go on a trip to the famous and sulphurous Thai seaside resort of Pattaya. To be able to get there at a lower cost, the two friends have the crazy idea of ​​registering the dwarf from their neighborhood without his knowledge in the world championship of Thai Boxing for Dwarfs. But what should have been a dream vacation for them will turn into the craziest and most perilous adventure of their lives.

The Kaira (catalog) : First feature film by Frank Gastambide, Les Kaïra is directly inspired by Canal+’s short program, Kaïra Shopping, which revealed Frank Gastambide as a director of films for the general public.

Victor and Celia (catalog) : In this film by Pierre Jolivet, Alice Belaïdi plays the role of Arthur Dupont. Victor, hairdresser, in his thirties, works in a large franchise. He decides to set up his hairdressing salon and offers Célia, an ex who has lost sight of, to follow him on his adventure. She agrees to join on the condition that it remains strictly professional. Very quickly, in the midst of paperwork, charges, regulations and all the obstacles linked to the creation of a small business, love troubles resurface from the past and lead the two young partners into a wild sentimental spiral…

Harriet (catalog) : The story of Harriet Tubman, who helped over a hundred slaves escape the American South after escaping herself in 1849. A figure milestone in the history of the United States carried by Cynthia Erivo in the title role.

The Snowman (catalog) : Swedish director Tomas Alfredson brings together a nice cast for this thriller with Michael Fassbender, Rebecca Ferguson, Charlotte Gainsbourg where a detective sets out on the trail of a serial killer.

Emma. (catalog) : When she’s not playing chess, Ana Taylor-Joy plays matchmaker in this Jane Austen adaptation.

Collateral (catalog) : A long night between Tom Cruise as a hitman and Jamie Foxx as a requisitioned taxi driver, all under the tense camera of Michael Mann.

Without a sound (catalog) : A family tries to survive under the threat of mysterious creatures that attack at the slightest sound. If they hear you, it’s already too late. John Krasinski (The Office) goes behind the camera to sign this horror thriller.

The Fallseasons 1 & 2 (catalog): The game of cat and mouse between Jamie Dornanchilling as a psychopathic killer who preys on young women, and Gillian Andersonthe detective dispatched to Belfast to put an end to a series of murders.

Manifestseasons 1 to 3 (catalog): When a missing plane resurfaces five years later without its passages having aged… Jeff Rake’s science fiction series is to catch up on while waiting for the fourth and final season.

Saturday July 2

My Liberation Notesseason 1 : A Korean series, where a brother and his two sisters, tired of the monotony of their adult life, seek to free themselves from the chains of everyday life and find meaning in their banal existence.

Wednesday, July 6

Hello, goodbye, and we in the middle : A romantic comedy about Clare and Aidan who made a pact to break up before college, with no regrets or broken hearts. What if an epic goodbye date gives love one last chance?

Control Zseason 3: For their final year, Sofia, Javi and their friends yearn to move forward. But an anonymous hacker uses a familiar account to complicate their lives.

King of Stonksseason 1 : In this German series, Felix Armand wants to reach the top… to finally become a good man. After all, he is the mastermind behind the biggest success story in fintech and German history: CableCash AG. Unfortunately for him, between money laundering cases, defrauded investors and online pornography, the odds changed when the time came for the IPO.

Girl in the Picture: Crime in the Abyss : In this documentary, a woman found dead by the side of a road leaves behind a son, a man who claims to be her husband, and a nightmarish mystery.

Heroic coma in another worldseason 1 : After 17 years in a coma, Takafumi’s uncle wakes up suddenly. He speaks in an unknown language and seems to possess magical powers. A Japanese animation series.

Thursday, July 7

The World of Karmaseason 3: Between new friendships, new rhymes, good times and commitment, the budding rapper Karma flourishes within her family and her neighborhood.

Vinland Saga (catalog) : A Japanese animated series where the hero seeks revenge for the murder of his father by a deceitful and dishonorable warlord.

It’s already available and not to be missed!

Umbrella Academyseason 3: Back in the present, the members of the Umbrella Academy come up against a new Hargreeves sibling as a dark force begins to wreak havoc on town. More specifically, this new Hargreeves family forms the Sparrow Academy, but above all they must ally with them to face a new apocalypse.

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