Netflix: Laurent Lafitte becomes Bernard Tapie in a biopic series

Revealed by Première, the next French original series from Netflix, entitled “Wonderman”, will look back on the career of the famous businessman Bernard Tapie. It is Laurent Lafitte who will play the former minister.

Laurent Champoussin

Singer, actor, businessman, former minister, or even president of a big football club … Bernard Tapie’s life is rich and is about to become a series for Netflix. Our colleagues from First exclusively reveal the launch of this new original French creation for the platform.

Composed of 6 episodes of 45 minutes each, the series, already titled Wonderman, is worn by the creators Tristan Séguéla (16 years old or almost) and Olivier Demangel (Baron Noir). It is Laurent Lafitte who will lend his features to the famous businessman.

The series, which will begin filming in March 2022, will retrace “un twenty years in the life of Bernard Tapie, since his beginnings in professional life in the 1960s“Far from being a classic biopic, the program will choose to romanticize certain elements of his career.”Our aim is not to make an indictment for or against Tapie. Nor to put in pictures its Wikipedia file. We try to work the man. So obviously, we will be more in the fiction than in the documentary “, says the co-creator Olivier Demangel.

First specifies that Bernard Tapie is not involved in the project, even if the two screenwriters have of course contacted the main interested party. Tristan Séguéla, who will be in charge of directing all the episodes, had already worked with Laurent Lafitte for the needs of the film 16 years old or almost.

The filmmaker recalls that Wonderman is a long-standing project, born with Laurent Lafitte almost 10 years ago on the set of the comedy they had shot together. If success is there, the platform could consider releasing several seasons.

In the cinema, Bernard Tapie had shot under the direction of Claude Lelouch, in 1996, for Men, Women: Instructions for Use, alongside Pierre Arditi, Fabrice Luchini and Caroline Cellier. He subsequently played Commissioner Valance in the television series of the same name over 4 seasons for TF1 from 2003 to 2006.

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