Netflix: Lady Gaga and Eminem’s screen debut to be relived on the platform – Actus…

Focus on three musical films available on the Netflix platform, works which will notably give the opportunity to relive the screen debut of Lady Gaga and Eminem.

Netflix Lady Gaga and Eminems screen debut to be relived
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GREASE (1978)

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Grease, or lhe tumultuous love of two American teenagers in music and song. Led by John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John, the cult musical hasn’t aged a bit more than four decades after its theatrical release. It’s still just as catchy, still just as twirling, and it gives you a hell of a catch!

Starting the American football season, prom, car racing, girls’ nights, boys’ nights, going to fast food, at the drive in… The game of cat and mouse between the two lovebirds to the rhythm of the events of their life as high school students is still as pleasant as ever, so don’t hesitate to find them!

The feature film Grease, adaptation to the cinema of a musical show dating from 1971, allowed John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John to access glory. The first had just been noticed by the general public in Saturday Night Fever (1977), while the second was better known as a singer of country in the USA.

We will remember, of course, the huge success of the film’s soundtrack. The credits music interpreted by Frankie Valli as well as the song You’re The One That I Want both went to “number one” on the US charts.

8 MILE (2003)

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8 Mile, which marks the screen debut of rapper Eminem, takes the viewer to Detroit in the mid-1990s. The film tells the story of Jimmy Smith Jr., a teenager with dreams full of dreams, but who still lacks the words to express them. His daily life, between family, professional and sentimental setbacks, takes place between white suburbs and black neighborhoods, along this line of demarcation called 8 Mile Road.

One day, Jimmy participates in a clash, an oratorical jousting of rappers. Paralyzed by stage fright, he remains silent and has to leave the stage to the boos of the crowd. This new humiliation forces him to a salutary examination of conscience. A few days later, Jimmy finds himself forced to attempt a comeback

Curtis Hanson and Eminem have brought a lot to each other. The director had with the rapper “everything you expect from an actor: immense talent, total commitment, humility, respect, tremendous discipline, a constant determination to give the best of yourself, to be true at every second.”

As for Eminem, his filming experience was certainly very trying but also could not be more beneficial. “Curtis Hanson Works You Out”, he says. “We played the text for more than a month, trying all the variations imaginable. It allowed us to get to know each other well. Curtis was great. Every time we thought we had found the right interpretation of a scene, offered us a new one, different… and better.”

For Curtis Hanson, the word “authenticity” is the most representative of the feature film. I wanted the film to give off an impression of reality, of a quasi-documentary nature.”, he summarizes. I took great pleasure in exploring this universe and I wanted the viewer to be part of this journey.”

The 8 Mile soundtrack is logically made up of many rap songs. Eminem is also the composer and performer of the titles 8 miles and Lose Yourself, alongside big names in hip-hop like The Notorious BIG, Cypress Hill, Naughty by Nature, 2Pac, the Wu-Tang Clan and Method Man.


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Fourth rereading of A Star Is Born (1937), the feature film A Star Is Born recounts the passionate relationship between Jackson Maine, a somewhat forgotten country star, and Ally, a very promising young singer. As they fall madly in love, Jack propels Ally into the limelight and makes her an entertainer adored by the public. Soon eclipsed by the success of the young woman, he experiences his own decline more and more badly…

Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga, the two stars of the feature film, immediately agreed to film all their performances live, without resorting to playback. “Singing is showing incredible honesty: it’s impossible to hide anything. It seemed to me that I could bring these two themes together to reveal the point of view that is mine”, explains Cooper, whose A Star Is Born marks the first passage behind the camera.

“Everything that is sung in the film is live”, adds the American, on display this Wednesday at Nightmare Alley by Guillermo del Toro. “Nothing was pre-recorded and I think that’s how we managed to capture the sincerity of each interpretation.”

A Star Is Born is Lady Gaga’s first major film role. The American, who we recently saw in the credits of House of Gucci, was both nervous and eager to participate in this adventure. “In my opinion, when someone harbors a talent within them that has been simmering for years, ready to propel them into a new art form, and it finally happens, it’s a real explosion, a masterpiece. “, she says. “Bradley was made to be behind the camera, and I had an incredible opportunity to star in his first film.”

Note that the title Shallow won the Oscar and the Golden Globe for Best Song. The entire A Star Is Born soundtrack has finally received a BAFTA.