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Taken by the filming of the series “Wednesday”, actress Jenna Ortega could not participate in season 4 of “You” which was to mark her return in the role of Ellie.

As You fans savor season 4, available on Netflix, creator Sera Gamble reveals some frustrating information: Jenna Ortega, who plays Ellie in season 2, was to return for this new burst of episodes. Only problem, at the time of filming, the actress was busy preparing for Wednesday.

The character of Ellie is mentioned in Season 3. Viewers learn that Joe is still in touch with her and has kept his promise: in exchange for her silence, he continues to send her money.

We wanted to bring her back, but we were told, ‘Oh, Jenna is doing a series right now’explains Sera Gamble to the media IndieWirebefore adding that Ellie’s return is still possible: We have ideas for her if her schedule allows her to visit us.”

Jenna Ortega herself had expressed her desire to see her character return to the universe of the program. “I wish she was even more badassshe said in an interview with the magazine Teen Vogue in 2019. I don’t want her to come back sad and vulnerable. (…) Ellie has a lot of potential and a lot of talent that she shouldn’t waste on Joe.

The showrunner of You specifies all the same that other old characters could reappear during season 4. For her part, Jenna Ortega will soon be showing Scream VI, at the cinema on March 8. Unsurprisingly, she will also reprise her role as Wednesday Addams in season 2, confirmed by Netflix last January.

You is available on Netflix.

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