Netflix: From Love and Monsters to Bird Box, 5 post-apocalyptic monster movies

Netflix: From Love and Monsters to Bird Box, 5 post-apocalyptic monster movies

On the occasion of the release of Love and Monsters on Netflix, AlloCiné recommends 5 post-apocalyptic monster films where the heroes must survive on a hostile planet.

Love and Monsters (danger level: 3/5)

A young man tries to survive in a post-apocalyptic world overrun by monsters. An expert teaches him how to fight them …

His name is Joel (Dylan O’Brien). Joel prefers to stay locked in his bunker drawing or cooking minestrone, rather than confronting the creatures that threaten his camp. It must be said that Joel is a looser who remains frozen with fear in the face of a monster.

But for love, he decides to leave the warmth of the bunker where he has lived with other people for 7 years to join the one he loves several kilometers away. Since the fallout on Earth from an asteroid exploded by a nuclear missile, animals have turned into kaijus lovers of human flesh.

Our hero will thus be attacked by gluttonous flags, giant leeches, and angry crabs. But a survival expert played by Michael Rooker will help him defend himself in this hostile environment. Equipped with a notebook and pencils, Joel will write during his journey the ultimate survival guide and become a mentor for the survivors.

The Silence (danger level: 4/5)

Terrifying creatures have invaded Earth, chasing their human prey at the noise. To escape them, the Andrews take refuge in an isolated place, but discover a sinister cult that seeks to exploit the sharp senses of their daughter Ally, deaf since she was 13 years old.

Did you like Without a noise? Then you might enjoy the Netflix movie The Silence, which uses the same mechanics. To survive, you have to remain silent … Therefore prohibition to cough, sneeze and walk on gravely ground under penalty of being attacked by flying creatures (a kind of bats) who only dream of one thing: to pump your blood.

But for Stanley Tucci, Kiernan Shipka and the others, their survival will be more complicated since they will also have to face real people.

I am a legend (danger level: 3.5 / 5)

Robert Neville was a top scientist of world renown, but it would have taken more to stop the ravages of this incurable and terrifying human-made virus. Mysteriously immune to evil, Neville is today the last man to haunt the ruins of New York.

We are not talking about monsters strictly speaking in I Am a Legend but rather mutants, but that does not take away from the fear that they provoke in us and in the character played by Will Smith.

But in terms of survival, Robert Neville sets the bar high enough by fending for himself for several years – even if he could count on his dog and a few models to support him morally: he barricaded his house, made a supply of food, transforming his basement into a lab, he knows how to make traps and has made New York his playground. A model to follow.

Bird Box (danger level: 5/5)

As a mysterious force decimates the world’s population, only one thing is certain: those who kept their eyes open lost their lives. Despite the situation, Malorie finds love, hope and a new beginning before seeing it all fly away. From now on, she must flee with her two children, following a perilous river to the only place where they can still take refuge. But to survive, they will have to undertake this difficult journey blindfolded.

Surviving the apocalypse with your eyes open is hard enough, so imagine having to wear a blindfold! This is the principle of Bird Box, a horror-horror thriller released in 2018 on Netflix. This film, which was a huge success when it was released, has one particularity: you never see the monsters that push you to suicide in a glance.

In Josh Malerman’s book, creatures are portrayed as a sort of mysterious presence which manifests itself as small gusts of wind and which have the ability to reproduce the human voice in order to enter the heads of the victims.

If we are to believe the actors and the production team, these monsters look like demonic babies in the film (here are the pictures). Scary… and funny at the same time.

Godzilla the planet of the monsters (danger level: 3/5)

Faced with a serious dilemma, the Aratrum crew decides to return to Earth where Haruo and his teammates make a surprising discovery.

When we say monster film, we directly think of the master of the Kaijus, Godzilla. Planet of the Monsters, produced by Netflix, is set several years after the giant lizard and other creatures like Hedorah seized power over Earth.

Humans had to go into space to survive. But some of them decide to come back, determined to fight the beast that has survived 150 nuclear attacks.

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