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Netflix Crunchyroll DNA a long awaited anime returns after a years

This month, we’re talking about women’s prison, fantasy quest, haunted house, crazy vampire and mafia babysitter in our anime recommendations to discover on your specialized platforms.


2011, Jolyne Kujo is accused of a murder she did not commit. She agrees to take responsibility to see her sentence reduced. She is therefore sent to a famous prison for women: Green Dolphin in Florida.

Due to a gash made by a stone passed down to her by her father Jotaro Kujo, she begins to develop a strange power. Will she be able to escape with her new ability?

After almost a year of waiting, Part 2 of the highly anticipated Season 5 of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is finally back on Netflix with 12 new exclusive episodes this Thursday, September 1! Start your comeback with a bang with the sequel to the adventures of Jolyne Kujo, as driven as ever to save her father’s life from the vicious Pucci and his stand, White Snake.

Like its predecessors, Stone Ocean is an iconic part of the Jojo universe, packed with action, mystery and twists that will leave you speechless. But this new adventure is not lacking in humor either, with atypical and delirious characters like Hermes Costello or Foo Fighters.

But anime lovers will still have to be patient to discover the end of this story. Indeed, a third and final part of around ten episodes is already scheduled for broadcast in 2023. A final date should be communicated soon.


Dai is training to become a mage with his adoptive father. One day, the arrival of a band of companions led by a hero aboard a boat fills Dai with excitement, but unfortunately it was a forger.

His goal ? Capture a one-of-a-kind mythical creature, the gooey gold metal, Gomechan. In order to get his best friend back, Dai sets off in pursuit of the fake hero and his gang, armed with the magic tubes given to him by his father.

Pleasing in more ways than one, this remake of the cult series Fly is thrilling as hell. His little hero with a pure heart and thirsty for justice is super endearing, just like his companions and the myriad of nice monsters inhabiting his island.

Adapted from the video game saga of the same name, Dragon Quest is a safe bet of classic Shônen. The anime will seduce the youngest, who will have fun with Daï’s jokes and humor, as well as the older ones, who will be carried away by the dynamism of the fights and its heroic story.

Don’t miss this staple of Japanese animation, which has undergone a superb facelift thanks to the Toei studio (dragonball). Also, the anime has started its 3rd and final phase! It’s not too late to get started!

SHADOW HOUSE (Crunchyroll)

A mansion that hides a secret… In a huge mansion built on the side of a cliff lives a family of faceless beings with the air of aristocrats, the Shadows. To serve them and act as their “face”, they have servants designated as living dolls.

The entry of one of them into the service of the young Kate Shadow marks the beginning of a very singular daily life between a shadow and her doll. Here is the animated adaptation of an eminently unusual manga!

The little horrific nugget adapted from the eponymous manga by Somaticis back with a second season after causing a stir when it first aired in April 2021. Emilico, Shawn, and all of his child-faced characters return in an ever more agonizing atmosphere within the Shadow Mansion.

An atmosphere reminiscent of popular works The Promised Neverland whose adaptation ended last year after a finale that disappointed many of its fans. shadow house is the perfect consolation if you like horror anime, embellished with a few touches of supernatural and drama.

His story, which could have come straight from the mind of Tim Burton, will not fail to delight fans of the genre!


In appearance, Kou Yamori looks like a typical middle schooler. Relatively good at his studies and kind to his classmates, he goes to great lengths to maintain this facade. During a walk, Kou meets a strange girl who diagnoses the cause of his insomnia.

Despite the changes he has made in his life, he still prevents himself from experiencing true freedom. She tells him that he won’t be able to sleep until he’s satisfied with how he spends his days.

Do you sometimes suffer from insomnia like his hero? call of the night is the perfect soft toy series to accompany your nights. Small unpretentious anime of this season, its tasty mix of multiple genres (comedy, romance, fantasy, psychological…) and its magnificent decorations have nevertheless made it one of the essentials of the summer.

Very contemplative and full of good intentions, he was the favorite of many spectators who were not afraid to embark on the adventure alongside the very endearing Nanakusa and Yamori. But don’t go thinking that the anime lacks dynamism. Laughter and incredible situations are also to be expected!

With the original manga still being published in Japan (and which will soon land in France), we can hope for the announcement of a season 2 by the end of the year.


Nicknamed “Sakuragi’s Demon” in the underworld of society, Tooru Kirishima is used to solving all problems with violence. One day, the boss of the yakuza family Sakuragi summons him and gives him custody of his only daughter, Yaeka…

He hopes to be able to channel it. But how do you play babysitters when you’re used to getting everything through violence and blackmail? Such is the story of The Yakuza’s Guide To Babysitting.

The original manga Kumichou Musume to Sewagakari was first serialized on the Comic Ride Pixiv site since June 2018, then on Comic ELMO in May 2020.

So far, six tankobon volumes have been released in Japan, and the total number of copies in circulation has exceeded 500,000.

While waiting for publication in France, the anime, tender and light, landed in July and risks dynamiting the genre!


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