Netflix: an offbeat Japanese series targeted by hateful comments

A new quirky Japanese series freshly landed on Netflix is ​​under the wrath of several Internet users, who do not hesitate to give it very bad ratings and to attack Netflix.


Faced with the resurgence of platforms and the changes in effect on prices and other features, Netflix sees his reign to be seriously challenged. The announcement of the loss of 200,000 subscribers for the first quarter of 2022 and the prediction of a loss of 2 million additional subscribers for the second half of the year hurts the American giant and this sometimes translates into success or not. of his works.

Some subscribers seem to want to charge Netflix and attack certain productions on the platform. This is the case of Mr. Hyiama’s Pregnancy, a new Japanese series inspired by the manga written by Eri Sakai and published by Kodansha. This social drama tells how Kentaro Hiyama, an advertiser who attributes his success to his ability to plan every aspect of his life, will have to deal with the unexpected.

He becomes pregnant and suddenly has to measure up to social inequalities that he had never considered before. Kentaro will be able to count on the support of his partner Aki but also of other pregnant cisgender men.

Hateful comments target Japanese series centered on pregnant man

Mr. Hyiama’s Pregnancy is a show with an atypical subject that is under attack from some Netflix subscribers, who do not even hide the fact that they have not seen the series or that they have only seen the first episode. . And they spit their venom on IMDb in the comments and on the rating since the Japanese series is rated 1.3/10!

And if we read netizens reviewswe see that the attacks directly target the platform for some: “Stuff like this is the reason why Netflix has lost 200,000 subscribers and expects to lose 2 million more over the next few months. Hopefully with the losses they continue to suffer, they will stop to post bullshit like this.”


Among the negative opinions, we can also read “gross”, “weird”, “boring”, “a horrible woke series”, “a disgrace to the cultural heritage of mankind”, “the worst series ever”. These attacks target not only the platform but also and above all the content of the series and the social themes surrounding the fact that a cisgender man is pregnant.

Some point to the lack of scientific coherence in a fiction and evoke a “battle between good and evil”… Others feel that it would have been better to deal with this subject through humor such as the film Junior with Arnold Schwarzenegger: “It was a comedy about how absurd it was to think of a man getting pregnant. This series embraces the ridiculous idea that men can get pregnant in a serious way.”

It would therefore seem that several Internet users have spread the word to drop the rating of the Netflix series and pour out their hatred as much as possible without actually writing a constructive criticism. Fortunately, some positive and constructive comments have crept into the list, as can be read here:

Mr. Hyiama’s Pregnancy is a one-of-a-kind series, never seen before except in fanfiction. Yes it’s weird, yes it’s crazy, yes it’s crazy! But, obviously, if you don’t like it because of his crazy nature, I guess you can’t understand the complexity of the irony in the show!

Male pregnancies have always been shown in fan writing, but not on professional television. I don’t think this show should be the reason Netflix is ​​losing subscribers because the nature of this show made me want to watch it.”

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