Netflix again increases its prices in France – cine news

It had been two years since Netflix had touched the amount of its subscriptions. But since this Thursday, August 19, that has just changed …

Netflix again increases its prices in france - cine news

The Los Gatos firm is once again changing its pricing policy. Indeed, this Thursday, August 19, Netflix has discreetly increased the amount of all its subscriptions in France according to the Journal du Net. It will therefore be necessary to pay a few euros more to continue to see the different programs of the platform.

This change marks a turning point because since its arrival in France in 2014, Netflix had not touched its entry-level offer. Indeed, the essential package was until then always maintained at 7.99 € and here it is now going to 8.99 €

A substantial increase in multi-screen packages

The standard offer – which offers two simultaneous screens and high definition – is subject to a price increase of € 1.5 and thus goes from € 11.99 to € 13.49 per month. It is the premium package which shows the most significant increase with two additional euros; a subscription which therefore goes from € 15.99 to € 17.99 for four simultaneous screens and ultra-high definition programs.

Netflix does not hesitate to communicate on the billions invested each year in its programs; 17 billion dollars are planned for 2021. We also know that faced with competition from other platforms, Reed Hastings’ company must face the decline in the growth of new subscribers.

The increase in subscription prices was therefore only a matter of time. This remains important, however, put into perspective with the prices charged at the launch in 2014. As a reminder, the premium offer was then offered at € 11.99 or € 6 less than today. So a 50% increase was applied to this package in the space of seven years.

A dissuasive increase?

Note, however, that this change came into effect on August 19 for any new subscription. Existing subscribers still have a few weeks off before seeing their bill increase.

At the start of 2020, 6.7 million French subscribers were officially announced by Netflix at the inauguration of its Paris offices. Since then, and with the pandemic which served as an accelerator, the estimate is now around 8 million. But could this figure go down with this new pricing policy?

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