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Netflix after Jurassic World 3 films with Chris Pratt to

Currently starring in “Jurassic World: The World After”, American actor Chris Pratt is the star of three films on the Netflix platform. Focus.


science fiction movie passengers tells the story of 5000 sleeping passengers for a long time, who travel through space to a new planet. One day, two of them, embodied by Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt, are accidentally awakened from their artificial sleep 90 years too soon. Aurora and Jim, who must now accept the idea of ​​spending the rest of their lives aboard the spacecraft, will discover that the latter is in serious danger.

Written by Jon Spaihts (Prometheus), passengers figured on the famous “Black List” of the best Hollywood scripts. As its name suggests, this list identifies the best scripts circulating in the cinema world and which have never been adapted. Often written by virtual strangers, the scripts that appear there offer great visibility to their authors.

The sets for Passengers occupied up to seven sets at Pinewood Studios in Atlanta and a set of more than 3,700 square meters at EUE Screen Gems Studios located in that same city. Some of the main sets include the hibernation room, the observation deck, the infirmary, the Viennese suite, the cafeteria, Aurora’s cabin, Jim’s cabin, Jim’s workshop, the swimming pool, the hallways, the bridge, the Great Hall and the Great Hall bar.

Note that to design the Avalon, the Norwegian director Morten Tyldum and the production designer Guy Hendrix Dyas were inspired by luxury cruise liners. They also opted for a rotating ship capable of generating artificial gravity.


Remake of 60s classicthe western The Magnificent 7 tells the story of a gang of outlaws hired by the residents of the small town of Rose Creek to put an end to the despotism of an industrialist.

It was in 2010 that the producer Roger Birnbaumthen co-chairman and CEO of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, had the idea of ​​dusting off the classic John Sturges to give it a second wind. At that time, there were few films in development, so we had to start from scratch.”he says. “We were browsing the superb MGM catalog and suddenly I came across The Magnificent Sevena film that I loved as a child, and also later during my film studies when I learned the story of the adaptation from the film The Seven Samurai. It’s a classic, and I thought it was worth adapting it.”

It was important for the director Antoine Fuqa that The Magnificent Seven is shot in a classic way, without resorting to a deluge of special effects. “I’ve done a lot of big productions of this scale, with gigantic film sets, but most of them, whether Guardians of the Galaxy Where Jurassic Worlddepended heavily on visual effects”testifies Chris Pratt, who embodies the character of Josh Farraday. “For this film, we did all the stunts. For every fall from a horse on screen – and there are hundreds of them – it’s a real stuntman falling from a horse at full gallop.”

To practice spinning their revolvers, the seven actors worked with Thell Reedan expert in the field who notably put his expertise at the service of the series Gunsmoke and a large number of westerns. This guy is serious! He is over 70 years old, but at 14 he was already world champion of the trigger, he participated in the show ofEdSullivan – and since then he has worked on all the westerns”says Chris Pratt. “Colt Peacemakers are single action revolvers, not semi-automatics – hard to shoot, hard to reload, but they’re very reliable. You can see why the Colt revolver is the weapon that has conquered the West.”


Chris Pratt in animated mode! In The Great Lego Adventure, the American actor lends his voice to Emmet, a small, banal and conventional character who is mistaken for an extraordinary being, capable of saving the world. He finds himself drawn, among others, in a most eventful journey, with the aim of putting a formidable despot out of harm’s way. But poor Emmet is absolutely not ready for such a challenge!

The Great Lego Adventure is an animated film made entirely of Lego elements. Unlike the Lego films broadcast directly on video, this one also offers special effects made of the famous small bricks, such as water, fire or smoke which are in fact small parts. More than 15 million bricks were used during the filming!

Rather than making a simple animated film, the duo Phil Lord / Christopher Miller chose a more realistic approach by opting for stop-motion animation in order to keep an aesthetic specific to that of the Lego universe. The production was also able to count on the collaboration of the famous animation studio Animal Logic.

Note that the sequel to The Great Lego Adventure, soberly titled The Lego Great Adventure 2will also be available on Netflix from June 20.

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