Netflix: after Earth and blood, a series derived from Julien Leclercq’s Braqueurs – News Séries

Netflix: after Earth and blood, a series derived from Julien Leclercq’s Braqueurs – News Séries

While “The Earth and the blood” of Julien Leclercq has just been released on Netflix, the platform announces that a series derived from the previous film by Julien Leclercq, “Braqueurs”, was going to be the subject of a series, currently in development .


4 years after the release of Braqueurs, the film directed by Julien Leclercq will be the subject of a spin-off series. This is what Damien Couvreur, director of the original French series of Netflix announces, this morning, in the columns of Le Figaro. Asked about the current crisis period, he said that Netflix continues to look at new projects to engage in: “Of course. After the adaptation phase, it was important to look to the future. I can already announce the signing of Braqueurs, a series adapted from the eponymous film by Julien Leclercq. We have just launched the development of this breathtaking action series. “And add:”Many other projects are currently under discussion. I think the period is fruitful for the authors and will spark new collaborations with Netflix.

Braqueurs, with Sami Bouajila, Guillaume Gouix, Redouane Behache, Youssef Hajdi and Kaaris, follows Yanis, Eric, Nasser and Frank, the most efficient team of robbers in the entire Paris region. Between each stroke, everyone manages their family life as best they can, between paranoia, isolation and concern for loved ones. Out of greed, Amine, Yanis’ little brother, will make a mistake … An error that will force them to work for city leaders. This time, it is no longer a question of steering an armored van, but a go-fast carrying several kilos of heroin. But the situation worsened, quickly opposing robbers and dealers …

Recall that Julien Leclercq, also director of Lukas and L’Assaut, has just unveiled his new feature exclusively on Netflix, La Terre et le sang, with Carole Weyers, Sami Bouajila, Eriq Ebouaney, Sofia Lesaffre and Samy Seghir.

The pitch: After his 18-year-old daughter Sarah, his family sawmill represents the whole of Said’s life. For years, he hardly maintained his business afloat, mainly for his employees, all former prisoners and young people in reintegration; until one of them uses the sawmill to hide a drug-stuffed car. When the cartel to which she belongs arrives at the sawmill, Saïd and Sarah will have to do everything to protect it. They have an advantage: this sawmill is their land, they know every corner of it…

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