Netflix: a subscription dedicated to video games available next year?

The rumor had been running for some time, it is now clearly defined: according to the specialized site Bloomberg, Netflix plans to add an on-demand video game service to its platform next year.

Netflix: a subscription dedicated to video games available next year?

Netflix has been looking into the world of video games for a while. Beyond the multiple video game licenses adapted in live or animated series to garnish its catalog (Resident Evil, Castlevania, Cuphead …), the Redmond firm has also boosted in recent years a handful of titles turned to its catalog, such as Stranger Things or Dark Crystal.

Last May, the site theinformation indicated that the platform wanted to hire an executive from the world of video games to oversee the development of an on-demand, subscription-based video game service modeled onApple Arcade.

Netflix had not publicly commented on the news, while sending its spokesperson to state at the site’s microphone Polygon : “Our members appreciate the variety and quality of our content. That is why we have continually expanded our offering – from series and documentaries, to movies, original local language shows and reality TV. Members love also engage more directly in the stories they love, through interactive shows like Bandersnatch and You v. Wild, or games based on Stranger Things, La Casa de Papel, and To All the Boys. excited to do more with interactive entertainment “.

Video games available next year

According to the latest information released by the Bloomberg business site, it is now a certainty, pending official confirmation. Mike Verdu, a former executive who worked for the publisher Electronic Arts (where he was senior vice-president EA Mobile) and Facebook, who has just been hired, will therefore have the task of developing the service, as “Vice President of Game Development” within Netflix. A post that also suggests the development of video games internally. This service should be operational by next year.

Citing an anonymous source very close to the matter, the Bloomberg article specifies that this service should not cause additional costs for consumers. Following this announcement, Netflix stock jumped 3.3% on the stock market.

The executives of Netflix logically had to watch with greed the big success of the Game Pass cross-platform Microsoft, hoping not to follow the same very chaotic path (to put it mildly …) as Amazon and Google on video games. To follow, closely, necessarily; if only to see how and with what Netflix will fill its future catalog of video games available on demand.

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