Netflix: 8 fantastic films to scare children … but not too many – cinema news

To celebrate Halloween as it should be, here are 8 scary movies to (re) discover on Netflix to shiver with children.

Netflix: 8 fantastic films to scare children... But not too many - cinema news
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Hotel Transylvania (from 6 years old)

All of the most famous monsters in popular culture gather at Hotel Transylvania, run by Dracula, for the birthday of his daughter Mavis, who turns 118. But the celebration ends when Mavis becomes friends with a human as the monsters do everything to avoid the human species. Their forbidden friendship will give rise to hilarious misunderstandings and sympathetic shivers for the youngest. This animated film is perfect for spending a happy and monstrous time with your children on Halloween night. The Hotel Transylvania 2 sequel and the Hotel Transylvania spinoff series are also available on Netflix.

The Funeral Wedding (from 8 years old)

The Funeral Wedding, Tim Burton’s fantasy animated film, is a classic to be seen without moderation, especially on Halloween. The involuntary marriage between Victor and the corpse of Emily, a mysterious dead bride, plunges young and old into the Kingdom of the dead of a village in Eastern Europe in the 19th century. Although this world is more festive than it seems, Victor cannot help but think of beloved Victoria, who awaits him in the world of the living. Les Noces funèbres mixes thrills, humor and romance thanks to a magnificent Gothic aesthetic and terribly endearing characters. Prepare handkerchiefs for the most sensitive.

Monster House (from 8 years old)

Animated film mixing horror and adventure, Monster House tells the impossible mission of DJ and his friends against their nasty neighbor who forbids anyone to walk in the garden of his property. You should know that his house is more than haunted, it is alive! Enough to terrify (nicely) the children who come to get their Halloween candy! Luckily DJ and his friends will do everything to protect the children and save this special holiday with great humor and ingenuity. Friendly animated film, Monster House promises a modern and wacky adventure for children.

Goosebumps the movie (from 8 years old)

Adapted from the famous literary collection, the film Goosebumps plays the horrific universe created by RL Stine. The novelist, played by Jack Black, encloses the very real creatures of his novels in his books. But his daughter Hannah and his new friends Zach and Champ inadvertently free the monsters and the creatures wreak havoc all over town. The trio will have to face their fears and enclose the monsters in the author’s books. The originality of this adaptation, guaranteed thrills and explosive humor make Goosebumps a very good movie to enjoy for Halloween.

Scooby Doo 2: Monsters Unleash (ages 8 and up)

Sequel to the delirious Scooby-Doo, Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleash once again brings together Vera, Fred, Daphne, Sammy and Scooby-Doo for wacky adventures. They must stop a mysterious villain who terrorizes Coolsville by reviving all the old monsters that the Scooby gang has already fought … This film combining thrills and humor will appeal to children and adults nostalgic for cartoons alike. Scooby-Doo 2 is an opportunity to share a moment of bonding with your children while discovering a modern version of this cult cartoon.

A little guide to the monster hunter (from 8 years old)

Forced to babysit on Halloween night, Kelly finds herself embroiled in a secret society of creature hunters of all kinds when the little boy she keeps is kidnapped by a bogeyman. This evening that turns into a nightmare is the opportunity for Kelly to take revenge on the comrades who make fun of her by saving Halloween but also humanity! Little Guide to the Monster Hunter is an effective family comedy with a rich horror universe that will give rise to slight scares and beautiful scenes of humor.

The Witches (from 10 years old)

Adapted from the novel Sacred Witches by Roald Dahl, The Witches is a thrilling fantasy movie classic to watch with your kids. At the hotel where he is staying with his grandmother, Luke discovers the intentions of a group of witches to get rid of the children. But before he can tell his grandmother, Luke is transformed into a mouse. The boy will do everything to prevent this diabolical plan which is the result of an old quarrel between magicians. Modern, original and funny, The Witches is perfect for a young, informed audience looking for a scary tale and an adventure like no other. Be careful, toddlers should avoid watching this film, which has certainly aged a bit, but which witches can frighten.

Spirited Away (from 10 years old)

A masterpiece from studio Ghibli, Spirited Away is a cult animated film to (re) discover with the family. As she prepares to move into a new house with her parents, Chihiro enters a ghost town that will transform her parents into pigs and who will enslave the young girl under the orders of the witch Yubaba. To hope to get out of it, Chihiro will have to ally himself with mysterious creatures. A learning tale, Spirited Away will mark the minds of children and parents alike, making people dream as much as shiver.

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