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Here are 5 very good anticipation films available on Netflix, to discover, from Nolan to the Wachowski, 5 completely different science fiction universes.


Okja (2017)

For ten years, young Mija has tirelessly cared for Okja, a huge animal with a big heart, with which she has kept company in the middle of the mountains of South Korea. When a multinational captures Okja, the little girl embarks on a real rescue mission. Anticapitalist and antispecies fable by Bong Joon-Ho, crowned with the Palme d’Or in 2019 for Parasite, Okja is a modern and formally flamboyant anticipation film. Carried by a myriad of excellent actors (the young Seo-Hyun Ahn at the head, surrounded by Tilda Swinton always perfect in big bad, Paul Dano, but also of Jake Gyllenhaal in very great shape), the film also shines thanks to very fine special effects. We let ourselves embark with pleasure in this sometimes cruel and hard adventure which is not without evoking the SF of Spielberg and we come out upset.

Anon (2018)

In a future world, close to totalitarianism, where advanced bionic implants mean that everyone is subject to an incessant visual flow of data they call “the eye of the mind”, Inspector Sal Frieland, embodied by the excellent Clive Owen, faces a series of terrible murders by a criminal who hacks “theeye“of his victims, so that the police are unable to identify him. During their investigation, Frieland meets an unnamed woman camped by Amanda Seyfried, who seems to have escaped the system. With Anon, Andrew Niccol signs a brutal and complex SF film who often flirts with thriller and film noir, which transports us brilliantly in a cold and digital world. The director of Bienvenue à Gattaca proves that he has lost none of his splendor and confirms that he remains a great science fiction filmmaker.

Matrix (1999)

Thomas Anderson, computer scientist known in the world of hacking under the pseudonym of Neo, discovers that the world he lives in is just one virtual universe in which human beings are kept unconscious and under control. He is then contacted by Morpheus, who thinks he is the Chosen One who can free human beings from the yoke of machines and take control of the Matrix. Released in 1999, the first part of the uneven Matrix trilogy with Keanu Reeves and Laurence Fishburne instantly became cult. Cardboard at the box office, it is considered today as one of the masterpieces of SF. Lhe Wachowski film is revolutionary by many aspects: summoning several cinematographic genres, the filmmakers impose themselves as masters by inventing a new form of staging and making battle scenes among the most beautiful in Western cinema.

Inception (2010)

Dom Cobb is a specialist in the perilous art of extraction: he appropriates the secrets buried deep in the subconscious of his victims while they are dreaming. He is also a fugitive hunted down all over the world, who has lost everything dear to him. However, a final mission could allow him to find his family, on condition of accomplishing the impossible: the inception. Surrounded by the best, he will have to implant an idea in the mind of his target. Inception brings together a high-flying cast of Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hardy, Michael Caine, Marion Cotillard, Ellen Page, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Cillian Murphy. Thanks to a complex scenario perfectly orchestrated, breathtaking visual effects and the intense and heady soundtrack by Hans Zimmer, it remains by far the best film by Christopher Nolan and can be viewed and watched without moderation.

Edge of Tomorrow (2014)

In the near future, hordes of extraterrestrials have fought a fierce battle against Earth and now seem invincible: no army in the world has succeeded in defeating them. Commander William Cage (Tom Cruise in a custom role), who has never fought in his life, is sent without any explanation in what looks like a suicide mission. In the space of a few minutes, he dies and finds himself thrown into a time loop, condemned to relive the same fight and to die again indefinitely. Directed by Loug Liman (The Memory in the Skin), Edge of Tomorrow is an excellent genre film, which skillfully mixes SF and pure action. The alchemy between Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt works perfectly, the visual universe is stunning, the combat scenes effective and all very well paced. A success.

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