Netflix: 5 must-see horror series to shiver during confinement

Netflix : 5 séries d'horreur incontournables pour frissonner durant le confinement

Because confinement is also an opportunity to catch nuggets, discover our selection of the best horror series available on Netflix, from “The Haunting of Hill House” to “American Horror Story”. Ready, shiver!


The catalog of the platform may evolve, so some of the content offered in this article may no longer be available when you read it. Thanks for your understanding.

Scream (2015)

Exit Woodsboro and Sidney Prescott, and place Lakewood and Emma Duvall. Adapted from the successful eponymous film franchise worn by Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox, and David Arquette, the Scream series takes up the concept of films and takes an interest in a new group of teenagers confronted by a masked killer whose murderous motivations may well be be linked to a tragic massacre that shook the city of Lakewood 20 years earlier. The mask is different (rights issues), the scenario is far from equaling the brilliance of the feature films written by Kevin Williamson and Ehren Kruger, but this new version Scream, which is similar to a Pretty Little Liars in slasher sauce, offers enough humor and winks to the saga to make fans wait while waiting for Scream 5. The suspense is there, the twists too, and we challenge you not to get caught up in the game once the viewing launched. Because as always in this kind of horrifying tales, we have a terrible desire to know the end of the story and to discover who is hiding under the killer’s costume.

Note that if the first two seasons, available on Netflix, globally satisfactorily complete the intrigue around Lakewood and Emma, ​​a season 3 was born last year with new characters. But it remains for the moment unprecedented in France …

The Haunting of Hill House (2018)

Free adaptation of the novel by Shirley Jackson which also inspired the film Hantise, The Haunting of Hill House magnifies the genre of the story of haunted house, seen and seen again in the cinema, through the history at the same time sad, moving, and chilling members of the Crain family who, 26 years after a series of strange events which have culminated in a tragedy, return to the house which was theirs at the time following a new drama and find themselves forced to face the ghosts of the past … and their own inner demons. Carried by a gallery of endearing characters and a gothic atmosphere to perfection, this series of formidable efficiency plays with clichés and raises anxiety throughout its 10 episodes with a certain intelligence. More than its ghosts, it is the trauma of its heroes that make all its salt and this slide towards a psychological horror, tinged with melodrama, makes The Haunting of Hill House a true success of the genre, both bewitching and creepy. Prove by the way that the director and screenwriter Mike Flanagan, to whom we owe the films No noise, Ouija: the origins, and Doctor Sleep, has everything of a new master of horror.

Marianne (2019)

Unfortunately canceled at the end of season 1, Marianne, the first horrific original French series Netflix created by Samuel Bodin (Tank, Lazy Company), is nevertheless a pretty success that will make you shiver without difficulty. Starting from a frighteningly effective pitch, she is interested in Emma, ​​a young acerbic novelist who discovers with horror that the monstrous characters she created in her series of novels are really coming to life in the small town where she grew up. A small town and its group of friends who obviously make you think of Stephen King’s novels (and in particular that) and which quickly become the setting and the protagonists of a real nightmare very, very creepy. With the key to a disturbing atmosphere at will, often freezing characters (you’re not ready for Ms. Daugeron), a heroine far from the stereotypes of the genre, and a horror skillfully measured between jump scare and much more buried fears. Marianne succeeds where France has often failed on the big screen – especially in terms of the fantastic – and therefore stands out as one of the very good French series of the year 2019 to catch up urgently. Because confinement is also used to scare yourself, alone or with your family!

American Horror Story (2011)

Ryan Murphy, television genius to whom we notably owe Nip / Tuck, Glee, Pose, 9-1-1, or even American Crime Story (as producer), has undoubtedly offered us one of the series most successful horror stories in recent years with American Horror Story, the first eight seasons of which (out of nine to date) are available on Netflix. Of course, this anthology, which offers each season a new story that takes us into a strange, nightmarish, or disturbing universe, does not fail to divide the seriesphiles and is necessarily uneven from one burst of episodes to the next. But if we put aside the most “parodic” season 3 to 5, and the most “political” season 7 (however very good), we must admit that the first two seasons, as well as the sixth, are peaks in terms of horror. House haunted by disturbed minds, psychiatric hospital theater of an escalation of violence, or Roanoke myth revisited in docu-fiction sauce, there is something for everyone and the thrills are guaranteed. And not to spoil anything, each season benefits from a five-star cast (Jessica Lange, Sarah Paulson, Kathy Bates, Evan Peters, …), extremely skillful writing, and meticulous production. In short, America and its ghosts are waiting for you!

Penny Dreadful (2014)

Created by John Logan (screenwriter of Gladiator, Skyfall, or Alien: Covenant), Penny Dreadful takes us to Victorian London where Vanessa Ives, a young woman with hypnotic powers, Ethan Chandler, a rebellious “cowboy” and violent, and Sir Malcolm, an old rich man with inexhaustible resources, join forces to fight an unknown threat which massacres the population. Bewitching, dark, and tortured, this magnificent series composed of three seasons has managed to elevate the horror and the fantastic, and the bestiary that generally goes with these two genres, to heights of beauty, realism, and rarely requirement achieved in television. Carried by a flawless cast, Penny Dreadful reminds us that Josh Hartnett is a good actor and offers Eva Green, impressive during the sequences of possession and exorcism, one of his most beautiful roles. Fans of disturbing atmospheres will be served, as will those passionate about Gothic literature since the series gives its letters of nobility to Dorian Gray, Frankenstein, Dracula, or even Van Helsing, not always well treated on screen recently.

In short, missing out on this stunning nugget would simply be a crime, and a binge-watch of its 27 episodes will allow you to be ready for the spin-off, Penny Dreadful: City of Angels, which arrives at the end of April on Canal + Series .

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