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From “Fifty Shades of Grey” to “Sex Friends” via “Through my window”, focus on five very hot feature films to discover on Netflix.

Netflix: 5 hot films on the platform - actus ciné
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We no longer present the erotic saga Fifty Shades…huge literary box of the novelist British EL James. This passionate, sexual romance between a wealthy, ladies-loving young man and a 22-year-old college virgin has seen three big-screen adaptations, and it’s the first film that’s available on Netflix to tantalize the senses of viewers.

Fifty Shades of greycarried by the duo composed of dakota johnson and Jamie Dornan, was a very big success in theaters, not belying that encountered in bookstores. More than 4 million spectators, for example, attended in France.

In order to appear as credible as possible, Jamie Dornan has done a lot of research on sado-maso practices. In particular, he said he went to visit a “BDSM dungeon” (bondage, discipline and sadomasochism) in Vancouver, Canada. Anxious to best help his partner during the sex scenes, he was also the first to cover the young woman with a blanket after the end of a scene where she was still naked and tied to the bed!

For this very “hot” feature film, the director Sam Taylor Johnson made the decision to shoot all the sex scenes during the last two weeks of filming. This is to allow the two actors to play the rest of the film in a lighter way, without having the embarrassment of daring scenes.


Between “Sex Friends”, you have to respect a few basic rules: ne never give each other gifts, ne not dine alone, aaccept competition, oforget the word “darling”, talways leave before breakfast and, Above all, never fall in love! Is it quite clear for Emma and Adam, embodied on screen by Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher ?

By discovering the scenario of Sex Friendsdirector Ivan Reitman immediately fell in love with this modern and contemporary story. “I said to myself, ‘Here is a story with characters who find themselves confronted with a very current dilemma, fascinating, funny people, who talk frankly about sex but also about love.’ I loved it right away”he says.

According to Reitman, Sex Friends followed the evolution of social mores, which a romantic comedy should reflect. “20 years ago, When Harry Met Sally asked the question “Is male/female friendship possible without sex getting in the way?” Today, the question has morphed into “Can a man and a woman have a purely sexual relationship without feelings getting in the way?”explains the director.

“I want the film to reach both men and women, so that they can go there together, because it shows how the perceptions of the two sexes are different when it comes to relationships, love and sex”concludes Reitman. “And maybe some will have an epiphany and understand the opposite sex better.”


When Jamie, a headhunter in New York, tries to recruit Dylan, an artistic director from Los Angeles, the two quickly realize that they are on the same wavelength. Their first common point? They have totally given up on love to devote themselves solely to sex. By experimenting with “sex with friends”, will these two unattached singles be able to avoid all the pitfalls that lie in wait for them?

Such is the pitch of comedy Sex with friendsled by Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake. A film that claims to be inspired by the cult romantic comedy When Harry Met Sally. “In this film, the characters treat each other as equals and discuss their generation and the view that society in which they evolve is about love, sex and commitment”says Timberlake. “That’s also what we wanted for Sex with Friends.”

The two protagonists of the film, and especially Justin Timberlake, admit to having been somewhat embarrassed by the filming of nudity scenes, even if they admit to having never been completely undressed on the set. Timberlake also seems to have very bad memories of the filming of the scene in which he must display his posterior. However, he recognizes that this modesty has greatly accentuated the degree of comedy proper to the film.

Note that a first cut of Sex with Friends had earned the film a ban on children under 13 (PG-13) in the United States, but that Justin Timberlake, seduced by the adult humor of the work, was opposed to the release of this version, which he probably found too soft given the subject. Sex with friends will finally receive the upper ban (Rated R, ie prohibited for those under 17 without an accompanying person).


Fancy a very caliente Spanish film? Through My Window is made for you ! At the crossroads of the saga Fifty Shades… and D’Afterthis adaptation of the fiction ofAriana Godoy tells the story of Raquel, long in love, who finally discovers that her feelings for her neighbor are mutual. But the family of the young man does not see the story in a good light.

For this feature film featuring several sex scenes (including one which shocked internet users), Julio Pena and Clara Gallethe two main actors, have long rehearsed the intimate sequences. “We kind of spent our weekends taking sex lessons”they say at the microphone of SensaCine. “We talked about sex in a very natural way because in the end it’s a normal thing and everyone has that instinct. It was a very interesting process.”

We conclude by telling you that if you liked Through My Window, you can rejoice: Netflix has just ordered two sequels !

365 IDs (2020)


Massimo is a member of the Sicilian mafia and Laura is a sales manager. The latter does not suspect what awaits her during a trip to Sicily intended to save her marriage: Massimo kidnaps her and gives her 365 days to fall in love with him. This is the pitch of the Polish erotic thriller 365 IDsled by the duo composed of Michele Morrone and Anna-Maria Sieklucka.

When it was released on Netflix in June 2020, 365 DNI created controversy, the feature film being accused of glamorizing kidnapping and rape. The controversies had not prevented this sulphurous work with very explicit sex scenes from being a huge hit on the streaming platform.

Note that the sequence of 365 DNIs, entitled 365 days: Overnight, will be available on Netflix from April 27. During an interview for Hugo Gloss websitethe novelist Blanka Lipińska promised for this new film, again adapted from her work, new sex scenes very realistic and never seen before.

“What I can say is that there will be amazing and wonderful sex scenes with very beautiful photography, because the film belongs to me! There will be a lot of sex! A lot”she said.When you watch the second part of the story, I might be talking about the hardest sex scene I’ve ever created. I don’t think there’s ever been such a sex scene in any movie in the world.”

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