Netflix: 10 series from around the world to savor … – News Séries

Netflix: 10 series from around the world to savor … – News Séries

Because it’s not just American series in life, the time has come to take an interest in foreign productions that are worth a look. “Lovesick”, “Fauda”, “Marcella”, “Quicksand” … Let yourself be tempted by a world tour!

Lovesick (2014)

Great Britain – 3 seasons

Originally baptized “Scrotal Recall”, Lovesick is a most engaging British series. Very sensitive, Dylan sets out to recontact his ex-girlfriends when he discovers that he has contracted Chlamydia, an infectious disease which is transmitted sexually. An honorable initiative that suggests some funny situations. The public should fall in love with the trio composed of Dylan, his seductive friend and his best friend secretly in love with him. This is also interpreted by Antonia Thomas, seen in Misfits and Good doctor.

Kalifat (2020)

Sweden – 1 season

A captivating thriller on indoctrination and the ideological radicalization of adolescent girls, Kalifat follows the crossed destinies of a struggling mother, a lively student and an ambitious cop between Syria and Sweden, while the Islamic State is preparing an attack. How far will these young women go out of love or conviction?

Giri / Haji (2019)

Great Britain / Japan – 1 season

Helped by a young Japanese-British prostitute, a Tokyo detective, Kenzo, rakes London in the thriller Giri / Haji to find his brother, involved with the Yakuza and wanted for the murder of a powerful clan leader. The policeman is very divided between his duty, which leads him to do his best to avoid a gang war, and the shame vis-à-vis his family who counts on him to bring one of theirs home.

Captive (2017)

Canada – 1 season

Adapted from another novel by Margaret Atwood after The Handmaid’s Tale, Captive draws the captivating and disturbing portrait of a complex woman. An Irish immigrant to Canada, Grace Marks is a 16-year-old servant accused in 1843 of the double murder of her employers, her master Thomas Kinnear and her housekeeper Nancy Montgomery. The story is this time drawn from a true story, a news item that hit the headlines at the time.

Home for Christmas (2019)

Norway – 1 season

A quirky and contemporary romantic comedy, Home for Christmas centers on Johanne, an eternal bachelor, who promises to present her boyfriend to his family for Christmas. Problem: she doesn’t have one. Tired by her relatives, she lied. He then has only 24 days left to find the lucky one. The catastrophic meetings are linked together for our greatest pleasure. The “romcom“revisited with a Scandinavian touch.

Marcella (2016)

Great Britain – 2 seasons

Anna Friel is Marcella, a female cop who has mental health issues. Subject to “blackout“which make its job complicated, it reintegrates the criminal brigade to help its colleagues to catch a serial-killer which has just resurfaced after 11 years of absence. To this difficult job is added a chaotic personal life between two dependent children and a couple in danger.

Nice stay (2017)

Belgium – 1 season

Audience Prize at the Festival Séries Mania in 2016, Beau séjour is a thriller behind closed doors full of fantasy. Kato wakes up one morning in a hotel room, covered in blood. She has no memories of last night. Little by little, she discovers that the others around her are no longer able to see or hear her. Shaken, the young woman sets out to find her murderer.

Fauda (2015)

Israel – 2 seasons

A very high voltage series located in the middle of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Fauda takes us on in the wake of Doron, at the head of an undercover Israeli intelligence unit inside the Palestinian territories. He launches with his team in a real manhunt to arrest one of the senior members of Hamas: Abu Ahmad, nicknamed The Panther.

Derry Girls (2018)

Ireland – 2 seasons

Both funny and creaky, Derry Girls is a little-known teen comedy set in one of the cities most affected by the Northern Ireland conflict in the early 1990s. The series is partly self-biographical since Lisa McGee, the designer, recounts her young years. Undisciplined, Erin, Clare, Michelle and Orla continue their studies at the Catholic school for girls in the city, when the English cousin of one of them becomes the first boy to integrate the establishment.

Quicksand – Nothing Bigger (2019)

Sweden – 1 season

Adapted from the novel “Nothing greater” by Malin Persson Giolito, Quicksand (Quicksands in VF) takes us in the footsteps of Maja, a 17-year-old girl from Swedish high society, involved in a murder case because of her boyfriend. Between drugs, alcohol and firearms, the nightmare has barely begun for the young woman who, a few months after meeting Sebastian, is accused of murder. Is she really guilty? Does she hide the terrible secrets of her beloved? This is what the investigation is trying to find out …

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All the series to watch in April on Netflix.

All the series to watch on Netflix.

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