Netflix: 10 monsters we love, from Love and Monsters to Gremlins

Netflix: 10 monsters we love, from Love and Monsters to Gremlins

The Netflix movie Love and Monsters made us want to watch other monster movies on the platform again. Whether scary, funny, or cute, these creatures have not left us indifferent.

Nice hit for Love and Monsters on Netflix, which has been at the top of the most viewed films on the platform since its launch. Dylan O’Brien faces all kinds of creatures there: a hungry toad, thirsty leeches, giant insects… in short, just as many monsters that we might not like to meet in real life. Except maybe the giant snail.

The Clawed Monster: The Giant Crab from Love and Monsters


Do not be fooled by its frightening look, because under its giant shell and its sharp claws, hides a monster who dreams of only one thing: to find his freedom. And that, Joel understood it well.

The Eyeless Monster: The Beast of Doom


Of all the monsters that can be seen in Doom, this giant worm is clearly our favorite!

The monster that must not be fed or wet: the Gremlins


If you acquire an adorable Mogwai, you will have to respect specific rules or you will see terrifying Gremlins appear in your home!

The Monster Bear: Annihilation Mutant Bear


Among the creatures that can be seen in Annihilation, the mutant bear is clearly the most frightening, from its look to its cry that freezes you …

The legendary Scandinavian monster: the Kraken


Perseus faces the mythical Kraken in Clash of the Titans, a titanic aquatic monster from medieval Scandinavian legends.

The prehistoric monster: the Skullcrawler

Warner Bros. France

In the heavyweight-Titans category, we chose without hesitation the Skull Crawler, a prehistoric monster that gave our beloved Kong a hard time.

The Alien Monster: Edgar the Bug


In the first installment of Men in Black, Agents J and K discover that an insect alien has taken possession of Edgar’s (Vincent d’Onofrio) body. If you really don’t like cockroaches, this monster must have given you some chills (too).

The very soft monsters: Les Maximonstres

Warner Bros. France

To bring the creatures imagined by Maurice Sendak to life, the teams have mixed puppets and digital animation. On the set, they called on people in costume as well as animatronics (8 months of work were necessary). The movements of the faces were then digitally completed and refined.

The monster returned to life: Frankenstein’s creature


Among the monsters encountered by the hunter Van Helsing, we can mention the famous creature of Frankenstein played here by Shuler Hensley (who is 2 meters high!).

The Bat-Monster: Creatures of The Cave


These monsters use echolocation to stalk their victims in the dark and have wings like bats. Just like in The Descent, The Cave taught us one thing: you should avoid visiting underground places.

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