Netflix: 10 horror movies to scare yourself during confinement

Netflix: 10 horror movies to scare yourself during confinement

Want to frighten you a good shot to feel alive during confinement? Here are 10 horror movies available on Netflix that should give you some chills, even insomnia.

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Scream (1996)

After the murder of Casey Baker and her boyfriend by a killer visibly fed up with horror films, Sidney Prescott knows that she is a potential target of the Woodsboro serial killer, soon renamed Ghostface. Meta horror film directed by the brilliant Wes Craven in 1996, with beautiful people in the casting (Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox, Rose McGowan, David Arquette … and Drew Barrymore), Scream pays tribute to the greatest classics of the genre all by inventing a new language and marking the return of the slasher. Generational films that have become cult, it is now one of the essentials that you have to discover urgently or watch again without moderation, because even after having seen it ten times, you never get tired of it. If the last late installment of the saga, the excellent Scream 4, is unfortunately not available on Netflix, there are however Scream 2 (which we also like very much) and Scream 3 (which we like a little less ).

Shaun of the Dead (2004)

First part of Edgard Wright’s “cornetto trilogy” carried by the duo composed of Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, Shaun of the Dead (which will be followed by Hot Fuzz and The Last Pub before the end of the world) revisits the genre of the film comedy zombie. Shaun (Pegg) don’t know what to do with her life let alone her relationship with Liz (Kate Ashfield). Exasperated by her inability to commit, she decides to leave him, but when London is decimated by an invasion of zombies for the least unexpected, Shaun finally decides to take matters into his own hands. He’s going to do everything to win Liz back, whatever it costs him. Hot Fuzz, the second film in the trilogy that tackles the detective genre and the buddy movie, is also available on Netflix.

Sheitan (2006)

Kim Chapiron, filmmaker from the collective Kourtrajmé, strikes hard with this first feature film on the border of horror, thriller and comedy. On Christmas Eve, Bart, Ladj, Thai and Yasmine, a gang of suburban youth, leave Paris following a fight. They are collected by Eve, an attractive young girl met in the box, who invites them to her house in the countryside. But quickly, the behavior of Joseph (masterful Vincent Cassel), the guardian of the house, and of the villagers, becomes worrying … Kim Chapiron saw Deliverance and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is a certainty. With Sheitan, sorte of slasher in the consanguineous, he succeeds in instilling discomfort and the result is … diabolical.

Last train for Busan (2016)

Last train to Busan is one of the last nuggets of Korean horror cinema. This zombie movie is a breathtaking, eminently political and anti-capitalist camera – like any good self-respecting zombie movie – which tells the story of a father and his daughter’s relentless struggle to survive a train trip to Busan, unique city ​​in the country where they can be safe after a virus of unknown origin has spread to South Korea and a state of emergency has been declared. A scenario that is not without echoing, all things considered, the situation that the world is currently going through with the coronavirus pandemic.

Conjuring: The Warren Cases (2013)

With Conjuring: The Warren Files, James Wan, the little genius behind the sagas Saw and Insidious, confirms that he is one of the masters of contemporary horror. Here he grabs the story incredible but true of Ed and Lorraine Warren, a world-renowned paranormal investigative couple, who came to the aid of the Perron family in the 1970s, terrorized by a disturbing presence when they had just moved into an isolated farm … Forced to face a demonic creature of a formidable force, the Warren find themselves facing the most terrifying affair of their career, and us facing one of the most effective horror films of the last ten years.

The Circle – The Ring (2003)

The Ring, directed by Gore Verbinski and released in 2003, is none other than the remake of the cult Ringo by Hideo Nakata, released in 1998 and adapted of the novel Ringu written by Koji Suzuki. The Circle begins like many other urban legends: here, with a mysterious video cassette, carrying a strange curse: whoever watches it is doomed by phone call to die seven days later. When four teenagers die unexplained seven days after watching the video, Rachel (Naomi Watts), a journalist whose niece is among the victims, has no choice but to investigate and do everything to find out. secret of the curse. Less adored by horror fans than the original film, The Ring is no less impactful and could even cause you some insomnia.

Hostel (2005)

Two American students decided to discover Europe. Holidays under the sign of adventure and thrills that bring them, with an Icelandic met on the way, in a small town in Slovakia known for being the nirvana of debauchery: they follow two young women in an inn to taste the pleasures of lust. There, they realize that they have fallen into a trap and lust quickly gives way to torture … Small deflagration at the time of its release became a reference in the sub-genre of torture porn, Hostel is the second feature film by Eli Roth, a young filmmaker who was determined to be talked about and dubbed by a certain … Quentin Tarantino, executive producer of the film. It’s smart and very well done, but beware: sensitive souls, abstain.

Don’t Breathe – The House of Darkness (2016)

After the excellent remake of Evil Dead, which revealed it in 2013, the Urugayan director Fede Álvarez transforms the essay with Don’t Breathe, subtitled The House of Darkness, which masterfully shakes up the codes of home invasion. The heroine, Rocky (Jane Levy who we find with pleasure after Evil Dead) is ready to do anything to escape her mother’s violence and save her young sister from a futureless existence. With her friends Alex and Money, with whom she has already committed several burglaries, they undertake to steal a small fortune from a blind man who lives alone so that he can finally leave Detroit. Unfortunately for them, their victim may be blind, they are much less harmless than expected and the roles will soon be reversed…

Urban Legend (1999)

Anyone who grew up in the 90s must have already seen Urban Legend, where we find Joshua Jackson and Jared Leto still twinks, during an impromptu Halloween evening with friends or during a VHS raid on a Saturday at video club. In this sympatoche slasher released following his big brothers Scream and remember last summer, lhe students of the University of Pendleton diligently follow the courses devoted to urban legends, these terrifying stories whose origin is unknown. When a student is brutally murdered and inexplicable disappearances occur, only Nathalie suspects a link with the legends. Nobody wants to believe it, but Paul, a young journalist eager for sensational subjects, agrees to explore this track …

The Invitation (2015)

One dark night, Will is invited to a dinner with his ex-wife and her new husband. During the evening, he realizes that his hosts have worrying intentions towards their guests. An oppressive and intelligent horror film playing the paranoia card, The Invitation – never released in theaters in France – owes a lot to the powerful staging of Karyn Kusama and an excellent cast, notably composed of Logan Marshall-Green (Prometheus), Michiel Huisman (Game of Thrones) and John Carroll Lynch (American Horror Story), impeccable in all circumstances.

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