Netflix: 10 comedies to watch as a family – Cinema News

Netflix: 10 comedies to watch as a family - Cinema News

In these difficult times of confinement, there is nothing like a good family comedy to get the hang of it. Discover our 10 recommendations to find now on Netflix, from the Grinch to Modern Times to Space Jam.

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The Grinch (2000)

From the age of 8

He is green and hairy, he hates Christmas and is ready to do anything to break the mood: The Grinch is available on Netflix! In the guise of the mad chameleon Jim Carrey, this solitary and obnoxious creature intends to sabotage the end of year celebrations organized by the friendly inhabitants of the village of Whoville. But his meeting with a little girl will give birth to an unsuspected part of humanity.

Modern Times (1936)

From the age of 8

A cult film in the history of cinema, Modern Times is a timeless comedy by legend Charlie Chaplin. Hilarious satire where visual gags are linked, the film follows the misadventures of a humble clumsy worker. A treasure of cinema punctuated by scenes of an ingenuity of which only Chaplin had the secret: that of his passage through the mechanism of the machine or the one in which he performs a dance on roller skates in a shopping center, to name a few. ‘they.

Wallace and Gromit: Mystery of the Were-Rabbit (2005)

From 6 years old

The fruit of a collaboration between Aardman and Dreamworks studios, five years after Chicken Run, this first film adaptation of Wallace and Gromit sees the inventor and his dog track down a giant rabbit that robs vegetable gardens. An incredible adventure in plasticine made by animation geniuses.

The Lego Great Adventure (2014)

From 6 years old

Immerse yourself in a world of endless possibilities with The Lego Great Adventure, a film far more surprising than it looks. Follow the friendly Emmett and the daring Cool-Tag on a most eventful journey through breathtaking sets made entirely of Lego. A fun film full of references that will appeal to young and old, until its final as unexpected as it is enjoyable.

Hotel Transylvania (2013)

From 6 years old

In the universe of Hotel Transylvania, monsters are kind and humans their greatest threat. Thanks to the most famous of them, Count Dracula, a sumptuous hotel allows them to live their life secretly and quietly without being hassled. Everything goes very well, until a human accidentally shows up at the hotel and befriends the vampire’s daughter. A colorful and delirious animated comedy in which hilarious situations are linked.

Rango (2011)

From 6 years old

When the director of Pirates of the Caribbean tackles animation, it turns out Rango. A parody of a spaghetti western in synthetic images in which the hero is a little adventurous chameleon who will discover a hidden audacity. Stranded by chance in the small town of Poussière, in the Wild West, he will improvise sheriff to protect the inhabitants from the threat of sneaky creatures from the desert. A nugget for children and for moviegoers.

Yes Man (2009)

Starting from 7 years old

In Yes Man, Jim carrey embodies a man a little lost in his life. Until the day he enrolled in a personal development program based on a very simple idea: say yes to everything! A total upheaval for his professional and love life. Because if this new line of conduct opens up opportunities for him, he quickly learns that not all occasions are good to take … The great return to pure and hard comedy of the actor who is having a great time for our benefit great pleasure.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005)

From 10 years old

The whimsical chocolatier Willy Wonka opens the doors of his extraordinary Chocolaterie, a world of sweets where anything is possible, something to be amazed at with the family! And above all to laugh at the misadventures of impertinent children who tread their soil. A tale signed by no less whimsical Tim Burton with Johnny Depp and the revelation Freddie Highmore (Good Doctor).

Planet 51 (2010)

From 6 years old

In a parallel world (or not), a population of very nice little green beings lives on Planet 51 where it is good to live. Until the day when a human arrives, turning their daily lives upside down. One thing is certain: in this universe, the aliens have as many prejudices as us … Their meeting inevitably gives rise to hilarious scenes, the gags will appeal to the youngest, certain valves will rather pass on the side of the adults. Which will have the pleasure of spotting the anthology of references to classic works of science fiction.

Space Jam (1997)

From 6 years old

A cult film for an entire generation, Space Jam invites the lively world of Looney Tunes into our world of flesh and blood. Or rather the reverse … In summary, the film tells the improbable meeting between Michael Jordan and Bugs Bunny for an anthology basketball match against aliens with superpowers. Funny and crazy, Space Jam promises great moments of fun for young and old alike.

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