Netflix: 10 animated series to watch as a family during confinement

Netflix: 10 animated series to watch as a family during confinement

10 animated series to watch as a family during confinement

Want to share a cardboard moment with your family during this period of confinement? Find 10 animation series to watch on Netflix, from Puss in Boots to Tintin’s adventures and The Smurfs.

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Welcome to the Louds (2016)

From 4 years old

Acclaimed by the public and critics, Bienvenue chez les Loud is an animated series that portrays a large delirious and touching tribe with humor and kindness. Families will recognize themselves in the realistic daily stories of the Loud, a sibling of ten children inspired by the life of its creator Chris Savino. The Loud family life is told by the only boy in the siblings, Lincoln, 11, who always succeeds in drawing a funny and intelligent moral from the hardships that his parents and sisters can go through. The first two seasons of the series are available on Netflix.

Once upon a time … life (1986)

From 6 years old

This cult animation series created, written and produced by Albert Barillé has allowed a whole generation to understand the human body, from its architecture to its functioning. All the episodes of this educational program are available on Netflix, so it’s an opportunity to playfully share a recreational moment with your children so that they learn while having fun with Once upon a time … life, a quality animated series, punctuated by Maestro’s advice and by the heady music “La vie, la vie, la vie, la vie, ..”, sung by Sandra Kim.

The Magic Bus (1994)

From 6 years old

The Magic Bus and its modern suite The New Adventures of the Magic Bus are fun animation series that allow you to learn while having fun. Aboard an extraordinary bus, Mademoiselle Bille-en-Tête and her students live out of the ordinary adventures. This magical means of transport allows this class to have more incredible school trips than the others. Together, Miss Bille-en-Tête and the children will discover the human body, the planets, the environment, cooking, music and other important sciences and phenomena.

Yakari (2005)

From 3 years

Created after the comic book character of the same name from Job and Derib, Yakari is an animated series that stages this Sioux Indian hero in the great North American prairies. With his faithful companion the Little Thunder Thunder pony and his friends Rainbow and Bison Seed, Yakari goes on an adventure under the aegis of Grand-Aigle, his totem animal. The little boy, very close to nature, is also able to communicate with animals and this gift allows him to discover the plains and resources of the American West. Yakari is a perfect animated series that allows you to escape.

The Smurfs (1981)

From 6 years old

The Smurfs, these famous little blue beings created by the comic book author Peyo, were treated to their own animated series to follow their adventures. These endearing characters live in their mushroom houses in the forest. Each Smurf has its own character but the whole population loves sarsaparilla. Poor Smurfette, the only woman in the village, sometimes has trouble cohabiting with her fellow men, but she does not hesitate to take part in the battle against their enemies, the ugly sorcerer Gargamel and his cat Azrael, who put up stratagems to capture them.

The Mysterious Cities of Gold (2012)

From 6 years old

This modern version of the Mysterious Cities of Gold is adapted from the novel The Gold Route by Scott O’Dell and the original 1982 animated series, whose plot continues. The season available on Netflix brings together Esteban, Zia and Tao after their discovery of the first golden city. The three friends, intrepid, courageous and curious, set off on board their large condor bound for Asia and cross Japan, India and Iran to find the other mysterious cities of gold.

The Adventures of Tintin (1991)

From 6 years old

The Adventures of Tintin is an animated series adapted from Hergé’s famous comic book albums. We follow the globetrotter and reporter Tintin, accompanied by his faithful dog Snowy and his friend Captain Haddock, to go on an adventure around the world to flush out thieves and other bandits. The animated series faithfully reproduces the stories of the comics while modernizing the subject and attenuating certain violent passages so as not to offend the sensitivity of the youngest. The adventures of Tintin in animated version is therefore a cult program to watch with your family.

Titeuf (2001)

From 6 years old

Titeuf, the young boy with the big blond lock, is the hero of this animated series adapted from the comic strip of the same name by Zep. We follow the daily life of this dreamy and somewhat rebellious schoolboy who always makes mistakes. Swinging loudly at “Tchô” and “c’est pô just”, Titeuf learns with his friends the vagaries of life and tries as best he can to seduce Nadia. Despite his mischievous and turbulent side, Titeuf is a benevolent boy who takes care of his little sister Zizi and who helps his parents. This funny and effective series will appeal to young and old alike.

The Adventures of the Puss in Boots (2015)

From 6 years old

The legendary big boots tomcat from the Shrek universe is entitled to his own animated series. The adventures of the Puss in Boots tells how this fierce and cute character became a legend through his mythical fights in the hidden city of San Lorenzo. With claws, swords and tender looks, the Puss in Boots always succeeds in kicking the buttocks of its enemies with its legendary humor and outspokenness.

Baby Boss: Business Resumes (2018)

From 6 years old

Based on the book The Boss Baby by Marla Frazee, the animated series Baby Boss: business resumes is a sequel to the film Baby Boss, released in 2017. The show focuses on this well-dressed suit character now well known by young and old who will invite his big one brother Tim at his workplace. Baby Boss, a shock entrepreneur, will introduce Tim to the world of business and show him the ropes of the business with his stripping humor.

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