Netflix: 10 action movies to watch during confinement

Netflix: 10 action movies to watch during confinement

During confinement, Netflix offers a fairly diverse selection of action movies, from those that multiply explosions to those who bet on intrigue and conspiracies, and sometimes all at the same time! A quick overview.

Village Roadshow Films (BVI) Limited

The catalog of the platform is likely to evolve, and some content to disappear.

6 Underground

Known for the first Bad Boys and the Transformers, Michael Bay directed a new feature film, this time with Ryan Reynolds in the lead role. Six individuals from around the world, all the best in their field, have been chosen by an enigmatic leader to accomplish a mysterious goal. With the relaxation that we know, the writers of Deadpool serve Ryan Reynolds as it should be in shocking phrases and offbeat humor. The action is everywhere, from all levels and offers a spectacle that only Michael Bay can offer: explosive!

World War Z

Adapted from the famous novel by Max Brooks, World War Z confronts Brad Pitt with a horde of zombies ready to destroy everything in its path. Worse still, this scourge is spreading, the number of infected is increasing day by day and government armies are forced to fold under the force of the infected. Although the author of the book has denied the film, World War Z remains excellent entertainment and offers images that will mark viewers, such as the well known zombies attacking Jerusalem.

A bride, a saber, a revenge! This is the starting point for Quentin Tarantino’s film, which stages Uma Thurman in one of his most significant roles. Gore, violent and unforgiving, the game of massacre proposed by the director has become one of the classics of the 2000s. Tarantino uses all his cinephilia of videoclub of the 70s and 80s to offer a kind of nostalgic and enjoyable medley. He even dares to spend some time in animation and takes advantage of his film to pay several tributes via winks to his spiritual cinema fathers. Two sum films.
When George Miller returns to the “live” cinema after 17 years of absence, it is with a real shot of adrenaline. His Mad Max worn by Tom Hardy defies the laws of the professional stunt, all on moving vehicles! The sticky and crappy atmosphere and the absence of excessive special effects gives an authentic aspect to the film and its action. Miller realizes one of the great films of the decade, spectacular, mastered, even … political, and once again demonstrates his science of editing and framing. Visually flawless.
From the year 2000 and with the success of 60 seconds flat and then of the two Tomb Raider films, Angelina Jolie was associated with action films. For 10 years, she will chain roles in the genre, whether tinged with thriller (Original Sin, Wanted) or good humor (Mr. and Mrs. Smith). After a slight parenthesis to work with Clint Eastwood (L’Echange), she shot a last thriller at the end of the decade: Salt. This film marks the actress’s farewell to the genre, after 10 years of good and loyal service. Turnarounds at the Mission: Impossible, pursuits, conspiracy, stunts and fights: a salty addition for a film that does not lack spice!

Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation

Christopher McQuarrie and Tom Cruise join forces again after Jack Reacher to offer a new adventure of Ethan Hunt, the fourth since the launch of the saga in 1996. The flagship stunt of this fifth installment is placed at the start of the film: Cruise tied to a plane taking off. From the start, the tone is set: the pace will be hectic and the action impressive. We find with pleasure the team of Ethan Hunt with a well-balanced humor, a solid intrigue, the usual and identified elements of the franchise like the use of masks … and above all Tom Cruise, unstoppable fiftieth anniversary dedicated to ensuring the spectacle at all costs.

Robert McCall (Denzel Washington) helps a young girl mistreated by Russian gangsters, but at the same time gets into a big mess. Willing to do everything to do justice, he will let everyone know that he was the Equalizer and that he has come out of his retirement … Denzel Washington brings all his charisma to his character, the kind who don’t let that count you. From fights to shootings, Antoine Fuqua deploys a sacred dose of violence under the eyes of a viewer carried away by such know-how, one of the brands of American cinema.
Adaptation of the eponymous video game, Doom sees Dwayne Johnson, Karl Urban and his team leave for March to investigate the appearance of dangerous creatures. If the film does not shine by its staging, it offers some rather surprising reversals. The sequence in which the film passes to first-person view, in direct reference to the game from which it was drawn, marked the minds of spectators, and the dedication with which The Rock gives himself for his character and the application with which he shoot at BFG on monsters deserve respect.
In 2011, a new director appears and offers an action show never seen before. The filmmaker Gareth Evans turns a real slap: The Raid, a pure concentrate of brutal action in tight flow. Let it be said: the film is very violent and dares to be excessive by pushing each time further the limits of the credible while leaving the viewer speechless. Note that the film stars Iko Uwais, follower of pencak silat, an Indonesian martial art, which Evans had already filmed in his second feature film released in 2009: Merantau. Uwais is revealed by The Raid, which we leave exhausted, full of close-combat and shootings – unfortunately fictitious – for a good time.
It is the action saga whose visual style has influenced most of the other action films of the 2000s. With The Memory in the Skin and its aftermath, the director Doug Liman and after him Paul Greengrass laid the foundations of ” a nervous action and a camera on the shoulder reactive and closer to the fight. These thrillers have in common to build on a collective paranoia and effective twists, and forever changed the image of Matt Damon, making it one of the faces of the action of American cinema. Netflix hosts the original trilogy and the Jason Bourne spin-off: The Legacy.

Did you notice these details hidden in “The Memory in the Skin”:

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