Neill Blomkamp embarks on video games

Olivier pallaruelo

Olivier Pallaruelo

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Nourished by VHS and genre films, Olivier Pallaruelo willingly abandons fiction to immerse himself in reality with documentaries and topical subjects. In love with physical media, he has also spent a lot of time in front of video games since his earliest childhood.

A video game enthusiast in his (now rare) spare time, Neill Blomkamp has just taken the plunge by joining as an advisor a newly created development studio, Gunzilla Games, which is working on a multiplayer AAA title.

Neill blomkamp embarks on video games

A great lover of video games in his (now rare) wasted hours (for the record, he had to adapt the game Halo), the one who admitted having borrowed from Half Life 2 the design of part of the weapons of his District 9 has set up a structure since 2015, Oats Studios, in which he made impressive SF-oriented short films.

Their particularities being that they are notably produced both in CGI, sometimes in live action, and using a tool, the Unity, well known to gamers as it is one of the most popular game engines in the video game industry.

Between Neill Blomkamp and the gaming world, it’s an old story. But the filmmaker has just taken a new step by joining the German development studio Gunzilla Games as Chief Visionary Officer. A position in which the interested party will bring his expertise and his overall vision on the projects developed by the studio. The game developed by Gunzilla Games would be an AAA multiplayer title; without further details for the moment.

For the record, we had spoken with Neill Blomkamp in 2019, when he had been contacted by the publisher Electronic Arts to create a short film around the game Anthem, that the studio Bioware was about to go out.

Talking with him about a video game project he had already talked about in 2017, in this case a game with mechs, Blomkamp replied that he was still motivated to create this game: “I still have that desire there! In fact, I even wrote a script already, developed within Oats Studios, which was originally supposed to be a movie. I liked the idea of ​​making one. movie, but every time I come back to it, I tell myself that it would make a really great game. It is indeed very centered on this concept of Mechas. In any case, I am not giving up on the idea! “

Perhaps a potential clue for the game to come …

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